Konosuba 8,9 and levi 10, 11

Let’s have a few laughs and service with konosuba and levi!

We do need a bit more staff, especially some translators. Please apply!

Triggers: !konosuba8, !konosuba9, !levi10, !levi11

Shinya Shokudou chapter 35

Yay, more Shin! Has anyone seen the live action? I don’t even know how many episodes there are nor if it’s still ongoing (I hope so!)…
Meh, I’ll get around to it eventually. Enjoy~

Trigger is !shin35

Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 89

Mimori-chan grows up a little in this chapter and that girl whose name I already forgot (paying attention much?) explains what she’s doing on Rikuo’s doorstep again. All I could do was shake me head, but she cracks me up.

Trigger is !syfm89

Dare ga Tame ni Hagane wa Naru chapter 4

Welp, a couple days turned into four days and only one chapter instead of two. Still, everything from this series is cute. We’re already progressing a bit as far as time goes and while that’s to be expected (it’s one volume after all), I wish Micchan would have stayed 10 years old a bit longer.

Trigger is !hagane4

Yorukumo chapter 3

Time for more Yorukumo thanks to our joint with HotCakes! Chapter 4 hopefully isn’t too far off. I’d write more, but who am I kidding (and when are my posts ever long anyway?). I’m tired so I’m going to bed after this release. Tell me what you think of this series so far. And if you haven’t tried it, ask yourself WHY NOT. Trigger is !yorukumo3

Not quite the five year gap we assumed

Ho ho ho, we’ve brought this back from the dead. So, 22 months later isn’t that bad, right? Big thanks to Royal for bringing us more adventures with the detective and his mysterious assistant. I had to re-read this series because it’d been so long. If you want/need to do the same, remember we only released chapters 5.3, 6 and the Extra so you’ll have to get the earlier chapters elsewhere.

Trigger is !genei7.1

I said in my last post to expect more Shinya Shokudou and Dare ga Tame ni Hagane wa Naru. If all goes well, hopefully within the next couple days! And no, I have not forgotten about Sing Yesterday for Me. It’s cominggggggg~

Cavalier of the Abyss Chapter 100

Here’s the next chapter of COTA. The trigger is !cota100, enjoy!

Staff: Likcoras, Blackheart, Zeroaintdead, Kristjan, & Azuma

We are still looking for staff, if you can help please apply by sending us an email. If you can’t help us as staff please think of donating, every little bit helps.

Saenai 13

Unfortunately, this will be the last chapter for this series done by VI as the series just got licensed recently

trigger: !saenai13

Ruler of the Land Chapter 88

Hello all, here’s the next chapter of Ruler of the Land. This chapter took a little longer because of the two doubles pages, I could really use some redrawing help, if anyone is interested please contact me via irc. I also want to announce that we’re almost done with volume 14 and that I still haven’t decided what volume to work on next, let me know in the comments if you have a strong opinion on it. The trigger is !ruler88

Staff: Likcoras, Azuma, Samishii

As you can see there are only three people working on this series, we could really use some help. Please apply by sending us an email to viscans[at]gmail.com.

Again!! Chapter 94 with Lemon Scans

Here’s the next chapter of Again!! thanks to our friends over at Lemon Scans. Please make sure to visit their site and show them our appreciation. The trigger is !again94. Also here is a torrent link for those who prefer that distribution type.

Credits: Mirrormn, Negimaru, Zeroaintdead, MaxLemon

We are still looking translators and cleaners, please apply!


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