Amagi 7 and Kokone 2

Once in a blue moon update for amagi, we do still need a translator for this series especially since i think the manga version offers something much more different from the anime. If I remember is that the anime did vol 1 of the Light Novel but put some vol 2 elements in it. We also have chapter 2 of our new manga. Oh hey, a new TL is starting amagi 8! woot woot! -sam
triggers: !amagi7 and !kokone2

Again!! Chapter 93!! New Joint!!

So we have 1 more release today. Thanks to our new friends over at Lemon Scans we were able to revive the project. I really want to thank MaxLemon and Mirrormn for agreeing to help us finish this great manga. Please make sure to visit their site and show them our appreciation. The trigger is !again93. Also here is a torrent link for those who prefer that distribution type.

Credits: Mirrormn, Azuma, Zeroaintdead, MaxLemon

We are still looking translators and cleaners please apply.

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 2

So we were finally able to make some time to work on this chapter and get it released. And even though we dropped it I really want to thank our Anonymous translator for helping us out with both chapters. The trigger is !mushoku2.

Releases are coming to a crawl as our series need some more translators, and cleaners! If you want to help out in anyway, check out our Join Us page!

Minami-ke 155

Minami-ke!MK155 trigger. How you all are staying dry, unlike myself. Rain rain rain!! Different kind of water worries for this “Lucky” chapter though. :P
Psst! …Don’t forget, if you enjoy what we do here, to donate, or blow up our admin’s email with some staff applications! Of the translator and cleaning variety in particular… :D

Sentou Jousai Masurawo chapter 20 & Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 87

Made it just in time before the end of the month. Some good news: we’re reviving an old series that hasn’t seen a release in almost 2 years. It’s complete at 4 volumes and we’d only finished the first. We did not pick up the series from the beginning, but rather took over after another group had released several chapters. Any guesses?


Ruler of the Land chapter 86

Here’s the next chapter of Ruler of the Land, it’s a short one only 17 pages. The trigger is !ruler86.

Staff: Likcoras, Azuma, Samishii

Summer vacation is here, if you have some free time how about applying and helping out on your favorite series. Click on the Join Us tab to apply.

Ruler of the Land - Volume 14 Chapter 86 

Denyuden Chapter 13

Finally chapter 13. And, please visit our friends over at Sense-Scans. So after this chapter we will be going solo on denyuden. I really want to thank Sense-Scans, especially Aoi, it’s thanks to them that we were able to get the project off the ground the first place. And it’s thanks to them that we have the scripts ready for a few more chapters. The trigger is !denyuden13.

This project is in need of a translator and a cleaner, if we do not find the staff for it soon it’ll most likely end up being dropped. So, if you enjoy this project and you can help please apply.

News + a mini splash of stuff

I’m just going to dive right in with the bad news: Horimiya and Black Yome ni Yoroshiku! are officially dropped. Yome has been on hiatus for almost one year and no new chapters have appeared in the magazine (Dragon Age) since. The translator is also gone so that’s that. Horimiya was licensed by Yen Press some time ago, but ever since we picked up the series to redo the beginning chapters in HQ, it’s all been slow-going. There’s actually an extra left in volume 2, but it hasn’t been translated and the only contact we have with the translator is through a MIA staff member.

Shinya Shokudou chapter 34 !shin34
Sing Yesterday for Me !syfm86
Horimiya chapter 12 !horimiya12 (and now dropped)

An update on the rest of our series:

Saenai 10

Have you heard? this is getting a season 2 already…incoming feels!

trigger: !saenai10

Cavalier Of the Abyss Chapter 99

Here’s the next chapter of Cavalier Of the Abyss. The trigger is !cota99.

Staff: Likcoras, Blackheart, Zeroaintdead, Kristjan, & Azuma

We are still looking translators please apply.

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