Skit Scooter oneshot, Ruler of the Land chapter 80, Minami-ke chapter 151

Thanks to a kind anon, I was brought to the attention of a oneshot written by Toume Kei in Murata Range’s Robot anthology. I know it was published in volume 7, but I have no idea what chapter it is (I swear I searched!) hence why it’s being released under the name of the oneshot. I’ve also included a haiku and an illustration by her (Toume Kei) that was published in volume 10 in the same anthology. Same deal with the chapter number if you’re wondering. Trigger is !scooter

We also have a chapter from both Ruler of the Land and Minami-ke. Triggers are !ruler80, !mk151

We could still use cleaners, typesetters and a couple proofreaders!

Cavalier of the Abyss chapter 97 and Sora ga Haiiro Dakara chapter 10

Hihi. Another day, another release!

We are in serious need of cleaners and a few typesetters. We could also use a couple proofreaders, but if you’ve never proofread before let me just say it is not the easiest position. Enjoy the chapters!

Triggers: !cota97, !sogaha10

Sora ga Haiiro Dakara chapter 9

Another chapter with the next not too far behind (and perhaps some other series as well). This particular one made my heart a little sad. Trigger is !sogaha9

Ruler of the Land 79 and a One-Time only Special

Here’s the next chapter of Ruler of the Land, we were able to get it out so soon because it was a short chapter. Thanks to Likcoras and Samishii for their work on this chapter. The trigger is !ruler79.

So we are looking to continue a manhwa series called, “Sweety“. But we need better raws, here we are releasing chapter 26 with low quality public raws. The trigger is !sweety26.
If anyone can assist us in getting quality RAW scans, pretty much anything above 1200px will be helpful, please contact us via email at!
We will not continue the series if we do not find better raws.

Four steaming hot servings of s****!

Grab your update of Cross X Regalia (c14), Hundred (c12), Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! (c4), and Wahhaman (c2) while they’re still fresh out the ugh… pipe?






Again!! 92, Minami-ke 150, Ruler of the Land 78, Sing Yesterday for Me 81

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