Dare ga Tame ni Hagane wa Naru chapter 1

And the delay award goes to yours truly! But this is a pretty special chapter. We meet the smithy’s god Kitsune and it seems she’d been sleeping for a very long time… Trigger is !hagane1

Also, shout out to whomever incorrectly renamed the title on mangaupdates. I’m not going to request to fix it for the nth time~

Wahhaman 1

A golden, amnesiac robot with a skull for a head laughs like a maniac. What’s not to like?

Trigger: !wahha1

Sentou Jousai Masurawo chapter 17

This chapter was a fun read. It was NOT a fun QC, but we (the translator and I) did it! That’s all I got. I’m that tired. Trigger is !masurawo17

We are still in need of Japanese-English translators and cleaners. Requirements? IRC usage. It’s that easy, folks. Apply today!

Minami-ke 149

Quick release, trigger is !mk149

If anyone is wondering where many of our series went, they’re probably stalled on translators or cleaners. We really need more of these, so please apply!

Fushigi na Shounen chapter 18

Here we are five months later with a new chapter from Fushigi na Shounen. Even if you, the reader, aren’t wondering why chapters take so long, I’m going to tell you anyway. There are five chapters in each volume and three of those chapters are 80 pages long. The other two chapters are 40 pages long. (If you do the math, that’s well over 100 more pages the average 200 page tankobon.) I thought about breaking up each 80-pager as part A and part B, but then the reader wouldn’t get the full experience and honestly, it could be just as long for part B to be released so might as well lump it altogether.

I discovered last November that the series resumed hiatus after 4 years because volume 9 was published in October 2014. This causes for celebration! Chapter 16 is halfway typeset so I *hope* it won’t be too much longer. Meanwhile, enjoy chapter 18! Trigger is !fns18

Konosuba 3, Levi 8, Regalia 13 and Rising 27

We are still in need of more translator and cleaners! If interested, do apply.

Triggers: !konosuba3, !levi8, !regalia13 and !rising27

Again!! 91 and Some News

Here you go! Trigger is !Again91

What is going through Imamura’s head? Who will live and who will die? What is with the author’s nonsensical chapter title? Find out next time! (Except maybe not the last one…)

That being said, I have some bad news to share. Due to a lack of a translator, we have finally decided to drop Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru. We have been advertising that we need staff for this series for some time, but no one has stepped up, and as such, the decision has finally been made. All hope is not lost, however, as there is another group already working on the series. A fair warning must be given that not all of our other series have this same luxury. Basically, we seriously need good translators and editors to keep our projects going, or more series may be stalled or dropped. Please apply now.

Mushoku Tensei Chapter 1

We’ve released Mushoku Tensei chapter 1.

Although we’ve released chapters in the past for this series with magazine scans, we wanted to start from the beginning with high quality raws. Also, one of our staff had started the series with magazine raws, but now he’s gone. So we wanted to start over again to do it right.

As is such, there are two versions of this release:

  • !mushoku1lit – Literal, faithful translation. Don’t read this if you’re not a weeaboo.
  • !mushoku1loc – Watered down, localized translation. Read this if you are a self-proclaimed non-weeaboo.

Anyway, this series just got licensed, so we’ll be stopping with chapter 2, probably.

First release of the new year!

Well, my end-of-the-year release for 2014 did not go as planned. Note to self: during the holiday season, just.don’t.bother.

All right, we have two chapters today. I would have more, but QC is taking extra time. It’s been awhile since the last Shinya Shokudou chapter (I believe since our anniversary in August). This chapter is… well, a bit of a surprise. Reminded me why this series is rated “mature”. Still, a great story. Abe Yarou knows how to pack a punch in 8-10 pages. Trigger is !shin33

We also have the last Sing Yesterday for Me in volume 8. There’s an extra bonus chapter included at the end. Both have their funny moments. The main series chapter just made me love Haru even more. Trigger is !syfm80


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