We are moving! For followers of VI, we are happy/sad (depending on which you prefer) to say that Village Idiot Scans is now moving to irc.rizon.net!

Channel: #viscans (no change)

The old #viscans on highway will still be around for some time, but we are moving our main DL bot over, so you’ll to catch our latest releases on rizon, sorry for the trouble!

One of the main reasons for this move is due to our bot having issues reconnecting on highway after being disconnected for whatever reasons (I’m not the tech specialist!) and that rizon would be better. Personally I see no problems since most irc-users are present on both rizon and highway as the most fansub groups (and LN groups) are on rizon and scanlation groups on highway.


On top of the news about our move, here’s cota 94 for those who read it, and as usual thanks to the following staff for working on it:

Staff: likcoras, Blackheart, Zeroaintdead, Kristjan, Azuma

trigger: !cota94

some of the staff nicks may change due to nicks being taken on rizon, but we’ll work them out over time.