Cavalier of the Abyss 95 & Minami-ke 145

I had some free time so I finished up these 2 chapters today. The triggers are !cota95 and !mk145. Remember, we are on the Rizon network.

Staff for cota: Likcoras, Blackheart, Zeroaintdead, Kristjan
Staff for mk: Nina, Zeroaintdead, Psi

We are looking for translators if you can help please apply.

Duction Man 21, Moteki 16 & Sora Ga Haiiro Dakara 6!

New chapters of Duction Man, Moteki (with Supreme Cream Scans) and Sora ga Haiiro Dakara!

Enjoy ~

triggers: !duction21, !moteki16 and !sogaha6




Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 76 + News

First things first. Another chapter of Sing Yesterday for Me so soon? Yes, please! There are only 4 chapters left in this volume. We’re chugging along, people!
Trigger is !syfm76

Second. We need a translator for Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu. If we don’t get one, we’ll have to drop the series. We have some chapters cleaned so we just need the most important part. Please lend us a hand if you’re interested! (Please halp!)

Third. We’ve met our donation goal thanks to a kind reader. Thank you very much! :D

Demon King Daimao 44

Here’s the next chapter of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou. The trigger is !ichi44. Remember now on the Rizon network.

Staff: Chonny, Cybykillers, Kristjan, Sora

It’s almost the end of the month and we still haven’t reached our donation goal, if you enjoy the manga we scanlate please consider donating, every little bit helps.

Amagi Brilliant Park chapter 6

It’s finally done. Thank you to Etshy, Samishii and Usha for their help and (most of all) listening to my complaints. Enjoy, folks!
Trigger is !amagi6

Trinity 42 and Hitsugi 26

To start off, as you might have known both Trinity Seven and Hitsugi no Chaika has been licensed by Yen Press.

The translator has dropped the series as well a week or so before the licensing was announced as well.

In compliance to our group’s policy, Trinity Seven and Hitsugi no Chaika are dropped after these chapters.

However, CATscans will be picking up Trinity Seven from here on out. Although there’s no translator for the series, they will have one of their translators to do translation for Trinity Seven temporarily.

Hitsugi no Chaika will be taken by CATscans as well, but the old translator has not replied whether he will continue the series or not.

Triggers: !trin42 and !hitsugi 26 at

Sing Yesterday for Me chapters 74-75

Ok, forget the title I mentioned in the previous release because the purpose for it wasn’t even mentioned in these chapters. Oh well. Remember, we’re on the Rizon network now. Same channel name!
Triggers are !syfm74 & !syfm75

I wanted to release the next chapter of Amagi Brilliant Park as well, but there are some issues. Hopefully they’ll be sorted before the weekend ends.

Minami-ke 144 & Yawara! 86

There’s still some work left, come help us out.

Triggers: !mk144, !yawara86

Remember we are on the Rizon network now.

We are looking for a capable translator for Again!! If you enjoy the series and want to help spread the joy, please apply.

Hundred 10, Levi 6 & 7 and Engine 9.5

News about plans for trinity 7 will be detailed later this week (tomorrow or Friday)

Triggers: !hundred 10, !levi 6, !levi7 and !engine9.5 @

If you are interested in joining the group, just look at the side bar for some of the few series we have open >

Absolute Duo chp 10 & 11 + Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara chp 22!

Well, here are the next chapters to these 2 series. Duo doesn’t have a chapter again this month (looks like it’s becoming like a bi-monthly because of the mangaka missing deadlines judging from what happened in the earlier chapters…) so it’s up to date :D I’ll also try to release another Flag chapter sooner than I have been, so please hold tight!

The triggers are !duo10 !duo11 and !flag22 #viscans on Rizon

Please consider joining and helping us release manga faster! Our vacancies are shown over there ->

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