Hi everyone, here’s a new series that’s pretty awesome. It’s about a 34 year old NEET who dies in an accident but gets reincarnated in a world of swords and magic. Born anew with plenty of talent and his old memories to boot, he decides to give it his all and make sure that he never repeats the mistakes he made in his previous life.

We are aware that it’s also done by Korean anons who work from Korean raws, but when we started on this chapter, it was uncertain whether or not they would continue on the series (afaik they are still doing it on a chapter to chapter basis). Also, direct translations are obviously better (not to mention higher quality scans). We still need to decide whether or not to continue to work on future chapters or not, and for that we would like to know your opinions and how much support we can get for it since we need to determine whether to buy the magazine or not and some staff are reluctant to work on series already being done (not gonna name any names, you know who you are).

In order to release this series in a timely manner, we would also need an experienced typesetter, so if you have the skills and are interested, please apply.

Trigger is !mushoku5

EDIT: Sorry, some pages were not included earlier, they are in now.