Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 73

I had such a brilliant title for this post, but soon realized while part of the brilliance is mentioned in this chapter, it’s very brief. So, saving the awesomeness for chapter 74 (which is in the works).

Trigger is !syfm73

Mushoku Tensei chapter 5 (!mushoku5)

Hi everyone, here’s a new series that’s pretty awesome. It’s about a 34 year old NEET who dies in an accident but gets reincarnated in a world of swords and magic. Born anew with plenty of talent and his old memories to boot, he decides to give it his all and make sure that he never repeats the mistakes he made in his previous life.

We are aware that it’s also done by Korean anons who work from Korean raws, but when we started on this chapter, it was uncertain whether or not they would continue on the series (afaik they are still doing it on a chapter to chapter basis). Also, direct translations are obviously better (not to mention higher quality scans). We still need to decide whether or not to continue to work on future chapters or not, and for that we would like to know your opinions and how much support we can get for it since we need to determine whether to buy the magazine or not and some staff are reluctant to work on series already being done (not gonna name any names, you know who you are).

In order to release this series in a timely manner, we would also need an experienced typesetter, so if you have the skills and are interested, please apply.

Trigger is !mushoku5

EDIT: Sorry, some pages were not included earlier, they are in now.

Ruler of the Land Chapter 76 and News

Here’s the last chapter of Ruler of the Land we’ll be doing in a while. The trigger is !ruler76.
We are going on break with this series. Since Imperfect scans is doing this series with lightning quickness, there is no point in us doing every chapter. So I’ll read what they have released and pick and choose any particularly good arcs and scan those in HQ. Though, if I don’t find anything good, which I doubt, we’ll probably just drop it. No spoilers please.

Staff: Likcoras, Azuma, wil, Zeroaintdead, Nodnarb, & Soranokira

We are still looking for good cleaners and proofers. If you think you can help, please apply.

Yawara! Chapters 84-85

These 2 chapters were actually supposed to be released on our anniversary last month. But this is what happens to unpopular series, no one wants to work on them. The trigger is !yawara84, !yawara85.

Staff: Spacehead, Azuma, Zeroaintdead, NodNarb, & Psi.

We are looking for proofers and cleaners for multiples series. If you think you can help please apply.

Saenai Kanojo (Heroine) no Sodatekata chapter 4

This chapter was delayed for a lot of silly reasons that I’m not even going to bother mentioning. Enjoy the chapter. :D
Trigger is !saenai4

Sing Yesterday for Me chapters 71-72

All right, almost a month later. The start of a new volume at least! A previous cleaner came back so that’s been nice. More chapters already in the works. Oh yeah, one odd thing: none of the scenes have titles in this volume (because I know someone will ask). Enjoy!
Triggers are !syfm71 and !syfm72

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Chapter 40

Whew, it took longer than I had hoped but here is the next chapter. I hope you enjoy it to the few people that will read it. The trigger is !ichi40.

Staff: Chonny, Wil, Zeroaintdead, Azuma

This series badly needs a proofer if you can help please apply.

Rising 24, Regalia 10 and Engine 9

Things got a bit delayed due to real life but here’s a few of mangas that I hope you would like :)

Trigger is: !regalia10, !rising24 and !engine9

Cavalier of the Abyss Chapter 93

After a bit of a break we are back with COTA, enjoy. The trigger is !cota93.

Staff: Likcoras, Blackheart, Everath, Zeroaintdead, Nodnarb, Azuma

I think we are looking for staff check out the needs list.


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