I have 2 releases for everyone today. But also with a bit of sad news. We are dropping Iketeru Futari, with Elcausa and Hinokai busy with real life there really isn’t any interest left in the series. So I hope some other group can pick it up. Though it is 30+ volumes so that probably won’t happen. Anyway, the trigger is !if58.

Staff: Trotskey, Aizen, Zeroaintdead & Azuma

As for Oregairu, it took a bit longer than usual because we don’t have a cleaner, I finally made some time and I was able to do it myself. We would really appreciate some help with it. The trigger is !oregairu4.

Staff: Taly, Azuma, Mar & Psi

We are always looking for good staff, apply and see if you can help.