Black yome chapter 5

Watch science get done in this new chapter o/

Trigger:  !yome5

Regatta chapters 57-58

So the usual cleaner for Regatta has gone MIA, I had some extra time and decided to clean some chapters myself. I was able to clean 2 chapters, so here they are. The triggers are !regatta57 and !regatta58.

Staff: Taylor, Azuma, Marielle, Psi

This series needs a cleaner, there are only 5 chapters left. I need some help to get this series finished, if you think you can help please apply by going to the Join Us tab above.

Chocolat chapter 70

Today, we bring you a nice action packed chapter. The trigger is !choco70.

Staff: Admra, Kaiheartnet, Speacehead, Lucy, Azuma

It’s summer time, if you are free why not try helping out.

Minami-ke 139 and Sing Yesterday for Me 61-63

Four chapters today and probably nothing alike! Enjoy! :D
Triggers: !mk139, !syfm61, !syfm62, !syfm63

Saenai ch3 and Amagi ch3

After much delaying, the new chapters for those two series are finally here. You’re in for some fanservice in Amagi, and if cuteness is more your thing, go for Saenai o/

Triggers are !amagi3 and !saenai3

Barakamon Chapter 25

We’ve been working on this short chapter for a while and its finally done. As you guys know Barakamon has been licensed and we are just releasing the work we had done. We may or may not do chapter 26, which we had planned as our final chapter. We’ll see what happens. The trigger is !barakamon25.

Staff: Nuttalli, Hinokai, worldcon, Mitsuru-kun, Azuma, & Psi.

We are looking for staff for all positions if you can help please apply.

Again!! Chapter 82

We are back with Again!! Make sure to visit Supreme Cream Scans, our partners in this series (go say hi to Pimelea, Ghost, Taka, and theAlphalink.) Also, a bit of exciting news, Again!! is getting a live action drama, I can’t wait! The trigger is !again82.

Credits: Tallrice, theAlphalink, Negimaru [RnMS] and TaKa, Mitsuru-kun, & Azuma.

This chapter we got some help from Ryuusei No Mafia Scanlations, if you know spanish please go say hi.

We are recruiting for all positions. If you want to help please consider applying.

Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 60 + Extra

Aaaaand that’s a wrap for volume 6! There is a two-page extra at the very end of the chapter that I think is cute and funny. Enjoy~
Trigger: !syfm60

Duction Man chapter 19

Here we are with the first chapter in volume 3! Redraws in this series are kind of a nightmare. That aside, I don’t remember what happens in this chapter despite being the one to typeset it. Well no, that’s not completely true. “What will Nagai do?” There we go, that sounds good.

Trigger is !duction19

More Tokyo ESP for you!

On our way to finish volume 7! And chapter 33… What will happen with the 2nd test?


triggers: !esp27, !esp33

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