Minami-ke Chapter 138

It’t been a while since we last released a Minami-ke chapter, we decided to skip what was already done by Kurosaki. We need a proofer for this series, please apply. The trigger is !mk138.

Staff: Picoyama, Azuma, Zeroaintdead, & Psi.

Blade dance 17 (!blade17)

New chapter of Blade Dance.

This chapter should have been out well over two weeks ago, but due to my own lack of interest in the series and some RL issues popping up, it got delayed this much. I apologize to both the other staff who diligently worked on it in a timely manner, and in a good Asian fashion, I will take full responsibility for it and resign from my position as project leader for this project. Expect faster releases in the future as the next chapter is currently being translated.

Cloud04, you’re up!

We also need cleaners, redrawers and typesetters, so if you think you’re up for it, please apply so we can get our other releases out faster.
Trigger is !blade17

Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Chapter 10!

Here’s a chapter of shinmai maou for you! The chapters are getting hold up (not my fault this time), so expect 11 some time in May (may be along with the next chapter). Anyway please enjoy nyan~

The trigger is !shinmai10.

Please apply to our positions over on -> !!!

Again!! chapters 80-81 with Supreme Cream Scans

This series never fails to make me laugh, not to mention really feel for some of the characters. We’ve got two great chapters for everyone today. Thanks to our joint partners Supreme Cream Scans and friends at Ryuusei no Mafia.

Triggers: !again80, !again81

Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 57

I think a release of Sing Yesterday for Me is a great way to start the weekend, don’t you? It’s dinnertime for me, but I wanted to release this first. Since I’m typing on an empty stomach I’ll keep this post short. Enjoy!

Trigger is !syfm57

New Series! Lime Odyssey chapter 16

Our very first webtoon series thanks to our friends at Silent Sky. It’s an interesting story, give it a try. The trigger is !lime16. And here is the online reader link.

Credits: Likcoras, Meowsy, Steafen, Nes, OreoThug, Everath

We are still looking for staff, please apply.

Battlefield Masurawo Chapter 10 (!masurawo10)

It’s time again for more battlefield action!

This time a slight side-story with a very peculiar magical girl, but it’s only part 1 of the chapter/arc, but it builds the tension perfectly into the next volume. Kinda evil of the publisher to do that, but don’t worry, we bought all the raws so there shouldn’t be any delay before we release chapter 11.

HQ re-releases of chapter 6 and 7 are coming, so stay tuned.

We could use an experienced typesetter for this series to speed things up a little. And as usual, we would love to have more translators and cleaners (especially those who can redraw) to speed up our other releases.

Trigger is !masurawo10

Sing Yesterday for Me chapter 56

Eight months since the last release… Yeah. Well, when I joined this group some months back, I made it my mission to bring this series back to life. It’s one of my favorites and I know it’s some of yours as well. We have quite a stockpile of translations thanks to Taylor and I also have to thank the rest of the staff that worked on this chapter to get it released. If you need to re-read the previous chapters for a refresher (like I did, hah), DO IT. Enjoy!

Trigger is !syfm56

Oregairu Chapter 3

So we got bit delayed on this one, meaning I was lazy and slacked. :(
The trigger is !oregairu3

Staff: Taly, Azuma, Worldcon, and Psi.

We are still looking for cleaners, if you can please apply.

Spring Break Ending Release

Spring break is ending for me and I’m getting my ass back to scanlation :)

As usual a mass release from me.

We got:

Magika no Kenshi to Shoukan Maou 5 (trigger: !magika5)

Meiyaku no Leviathan 4 (trigger: !levi4)

Rising x Rydeen 20 (trigger: !rising20)

Saenai Kanojo (Heroine) no Sodatekata 2 (trigger: !saenai2)

Tokyo Ravens 23 (trigger: !tr23)

Trinity 7 38 (trigger: !trin38)

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