Ruler of the Land Chapter 64

Another good chapter, let me know what you think. I want to thank Dokkotak and Wil for working so fast to get this released. The trigger is !ruler64.

We are looking for a translator for Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, if you can help please apply.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Chapter 12

First of all, I want to thank Yakkul for translating this one chapter for us as a favor, but she isn’t translating another. So, I want plead with any fans of the series to help us find a translator. Like any fans of the series know, the characters and the story are both likable but most of all the art is amazing. So go read it now! To the trigger is !maoyuu12.

Credits: Yakkul, Meepslive, Bluething, and Azuma.

We are in critical need of a Japanese-to-English translator for Maoyuu! Until a permanent, Japanese-to-English translator can be recruited, progress with this series will come to a stop. To anyone with knowledge of the Japanese language – who’re also able and willing to help – we would greatly appreciate you taking the time to contact us thru the join us page, so we may resume progress.

Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu Chapter 11 with Sense Scans

Today’s release is Denyuden 11, go get it in the usual spot. Please visit our friends over at Sense-Scans. The trigger is !denyuden11.

Credits: Aoi, DarkDoom, TsunTsun, KF, and Bluething.

We are still looking for staff, if you can help please apply.

ESP 29

Hello again.

Here’s chapter 29, complete with more romantic cheesiness. With this sort of pace and only 1 chapter left in the volume, we’ll be on haitus waiting for raws in no time! Though, that should be a good time for us to catch up and fix previous chapters. The trigger is !esp29

This week’s staff: Trotskey, Thony, RegalStar, TDnF, Elemhunter, Bizkit, Azuma

Barakamon Chapter 23

After a long break we bring you another chapter of Barakamon. It’s all thanks to Nuttallii for translating, hopefully we can see more chapters this year. Something about fishing… The trigger is !barakamon23.

Staff: Nuttallii, KaiheartNet, Psi and uh… me… I guess

This project needs staff, more specifically a typesetter and a proofer. If you want to help please apply.

Regatta 52 and Ruler of the Land 63

The End of volume 5 for Regatta, that means only 1 vol left. Truthfully, I for one can’t wait until it’s done. The trigger is !regatta52.

This Ruler of the Land chapter is very interesting go read it in HQ and tell me what you think will happen next. The trigger is !ruler63.

Regatta staff: Taylor, KaiheartNet, CaptainWolf, and Psi.

Ruler of the Land staff: Dokkotak, Al245, uh… and me…

We are always looking for staff, if you want to help please apply. If you don’t have time you can wait till next month and donate.

Again!! Chapter 71 with Supreme

We took a week off, but now we are back. Make sure to visit Supreme Cream Scans, our joint partners in this series (go say hi to Pimelea, Ghost, and Blookami.) The trigger is !again71.

Staff: Tallrice, Fenrill, Wendy, and Blookami.

We can’t do it all by ourselves at this pace, we need some help cleaning and redrawing. If you enjoy this series and want to continue to see weekly releases or maybe even faster, please apply!

Genei Hakurankai v01 END

At long last, this volume of Genei Hakurankai has come to a close! Boy, does 5 years pass by quickly!

We’ve continued on from NCIS’s releases with the following chapters from Volume 1:

Chapter 5, part 3: !genei5.3

Chapter 6, part 1: !genei6.1

Chapter 6, part 2 (& Extra): !genei6.2


We will be taking a break from this manga for now (or rather, the translator is a useless bum who needs a good whipping), but if it should come to pass that no one wishes to carry on with this lovely work of Toume Kei… who knows, we may just pick it up again.

If you’d rather not wait another five years or so and if you wish to help speed along this process, please do consider getting involved yourself! (preferably by joining our rambling group of misfits, of course ^_^)

Lots of release

Is it someone’s birthday? :O

Anyway, Tons of release yet all are cliffhangers XD

Good news, it seems we wont be dropping Tokyo Ravens as it seems someone applied just in time.

In other news, proud to represent a new series Cross x Regalia. From the same author with Rental Magica if anyone of you knows it. And apparently same artist with one of our other series Absolute Duo.

And in another other news, Hitsugi no Chaika’s key visuals are out.

Cross x Regalia 1: !regalia1

Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai 23: !dkbh23

Hitsugi no Chaika 19: !hitsugi19

Ore ga Heroine 12: !heroine12

Ore ga Heroine 13: !heroine13

Rising x Rydeen 16: !rising16

Tokyo Ravens 19: !tr19

Trinity 7 32: !trin32

We are still in need of staff. You might have not noticed it but the Typesetter Position is on “Normal” now as well

Duction man 17

So it only took me about 120something days to work in this chapter, if you want faster releases come apply and help out else this might be the release speed for duction man, iketeru futari and minami-ke,

also is been so long that I don’t remember where I put the credit page so I used the vol1 one, sue me.

Trigger is !duction17

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