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More origami goodies~

As the web version we were using ended, we will be moving to the tankobon version of this series.. Some of the chapters are in the tankobon while some aren’t.. An example from the tankobon version ch 4 vs our old ch 4 release

Thanks to purr helping me with the trigger!

Triggers: !origami9, !origami10, !origami11 and !origami12

Happy Anniversary, Supreme!

Guess what today is!

Our fantastic, sparkling, dazzling partner’s anniversary! Go over to Supreme Cream and give them a big thanks, too! They put out some manga I know are favorites. It’s been a while since there was more Moteki, but Again!! again is always nice, no?

We worked hard on these two chapters to get them to you in time, so please enjoy.

Triggers: !moteki11 || !again50

Sword Art Online 4koma chapters 13 & 14!

Here they are, chapters to finish off the Ainclade arc T_T Well, there is always the fairy dance arc XD Please look forward to them! :3

I’ll be in lazy cat mode for a week or two (going away actually XD), I’ll try and keep up with the monthly releases though.

Anyway, the triggers are !saokoma13 & !saokoma14, please thank Riceballicious for their help too!

Iketeru futari 54

There’s a few more chapters translated but if nobody comes to help this is as fast as it’s gonna go, also got another chapter of duction man translated so I’ll be working on that too

Trigger is !if54

Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu ch 10 (!blade10)

It’s time for more blade dance and the cuteness of Est. This chapter was slightly delayed due to IRL stuff for our usual translator and me, but we’ll try to get the next chapter out ASAP.

In other news, we just paid for our servers for some time, but are now low on cash for raws, so if you have a buck to spare, please considering donating so we can keep buying raws and release series.

Also, unless we can get a translator for Tokyo Ravens soon, we will unfortunately have to drop the series. Spread the word and encourage people who can translate to apply to us!

Trigger for a short glimpse of Est is !blade10

Ruler of the Land Chapters 59 and 60

It’s been awhile since I’ve released a chapter so I might as well release 2. We got a lot of help from our new Korean translator, Dokkotak.  You might have seen that some guy has translated over 40 chapter in a week over at mangafox, not sure what to say but we will keep going at our own pace at least until the end of volume 12 (because those are all the raws we have). So if yo wanna see high quality releases we  really could use the help of another cleaner. If you can help please apply.

Staff for Ruler ch 59: Admra, Wil, Soranokira, Azuma, and Dokkotak

I really want to thank Admra for helping me on this series, she really helped us get it moving again.

Staff for Ruler ch 60: Dokkotak, Azuma, and Soranokira

Again we need cleaners to increase the pace of this series.

In other news we still needs translators for a few of our series: Maoyuu and Maoyuu Gaiden. Please apply… for other roles, too! We would love another typesetter.

Again!! Chapter 49 with Supreme

Tuesday, so it’s time for Again!! I’m looking for a typesetter for this series, apply if you have Photoshop! The trigger for this chapter is !again49.

Make sure to visit Supreme Cream Scans, our joint partners in this series. Go say hello to Pimelea, and Blookami.

Staff: Tallrice, Fenrill, Blookami, and Azuma.

We are still looking for staff. 2 translators would be really helpful, we need them for the series Maoyuu, Maoyuu Gaiden, and Sekitou Elegy. If you think you can help please apply.

Kanojo ga flag 15 & Over Image 8 (End)!!

Well, bad news first. As you can see in the title, Over Image has ended (It’s been axed to be precise). Oh well, one less on my plate to pick up something else XD The story is continuing in the Light Novels in Japan, but I don’t believe it’s being translated at the moment :S

The woodland & seaside schools are wrapping up now (finally :P) Kanojo ga flag is going to enter story mode again soon! XD And who’s that loli we see at the end of the chapter?! Be sure not to miss out!

The triggers are !oi8 & !flag15 enjoy nyan~!

Of course, we still need your help! Please apply to us to help us release more manga!

Horimiya Chapter 4 and Regatta Chapter 47

Two more chapters from us today. We’ve been working on these all week.

First Horimiya, I really want to thank PolariS for his cleaning and redrawing. We managed to get every sound effect redrawn, it’s the first time we’ve done that since I’ve been an admin. The trigger is !horimiya4.

Staff: Sjiveru, PolariS, TsunTsun, Azuma, & Psi.

I don’t really know what’s going on in Regatta right now. Can someone explain it to me? The trigger is !regatta47.

Staff: Taylor, Savino, Kelp, Azuma, and Psi.

We are still looking for staff. 2 translators would be really helpful, we need them for the series Maoyuu/Maoyuu Gaiden and Sekitou Elegy. If you think you can help please apply.

Trinity Seven 29~! (!trin29)

This is definitely the series I enjoy releasing the most, so without further delay, here is chapter 29 of Trinity Seven!

It’s an especially long one (Almost 40 pages!), which is nice, considering the importance of the chapter. Big stuff happening, conclusion of fights and more all packed into this chapter, along with a bit of fanservice, as always!

You can come grab it off our IRC channel, #viscans, or wait a lil bit for it to reach batoto.

Regardless of how you get it, enjoy the chapter, and thanks for reading!

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