Again!! Chapter 35 with Supreme

Whew, we made it, though we had lots of trouble. Please visit Supreme Cream Scans, and let them know you enjoy the series. The trigger is !again35.

Credits: Tallrice, ZeroDC, Edward, Fenrill, LeipuriHiiva, and Blookami.

Notice: This series once again needs a redrawer, LeipuriHiiva is taking a break for school (like many others.) So if you don’t want to see  any delays and have time to spare please apply as a redrawer, we really need the help.

More… We are looking for translators for: Barakamon, Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai, Family Compo, Iketeru Futari, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, Ruler of the Land, Sekitou Elegy. Please apply!

Tonari no Kashiwagi-san Chapter 44

Too slow once again, doesn’t really help but we can be faster. Trigger !tnk44.

Credits: 10th Mystery, Sjiveru, MoonWind, Golden, J-Rex, Cloud04, and TsunTsun.

We are looking for translators for: Barakamon, Dakara Boku Wa H Ga Dekinai, Family Compo, Iketeru Futari, Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, Ruler of the Land, Sekitou Elegy. Please apply!

Trinity Seven 26! (!trin26)

How this for a bit more exciting?~

Here’s another chapter of everyone’s favorite magic kind candidate, and his harem, of course.


Thanks to abcd, takuo, and J-rex for helping push this chapter out – the next one should be out preeety soon!~

Come grab this chapter in the meanwhile at our IRC channel, and maybe say hi as well. ;)

Or wait for batoto like all the other people out there, but you’ll have to wait until I get the chance to do so…


Golden Time Chapter 13

It’s been awhile since we released a Golden TIme chapter but here it is. Hayatakun is still a little busy with school so I’m not sure when we’ll see the next chapter (probably in another month). The trigger is !gldntm13.

Staff: Hayatakun, Psi, Rpapo, TDNF, Soranokira, ZeroDC, and J-Rex

With school ending soon we will once again begin pushing for new staff especially translators, we’d really like to get our stalled series going again. So make sure to look at the staff needs list on the right and apply!


OneShot: Kokoro Connect Chapter 5

This is Kokoro Connect, and we’d like to see it scanlated! We convinced some poor, overworked translator to TL it (his family is safe now), but that won’t work twice. We’re looking for either a new tl to come work with us on it, a joint with another group, or even some other group to take it. We have raws, and like a puppy, we’d like to see it in a loving, new home. Talk to any of the admins about Kokoro Connect if you’re interested. The trigger is !kcon5.

Staff: Purr-Nyan, ZeroDC, J-Rex, and TsunTsun

We are also looking for translators for other series please consider those as well.

RxR 11 v2.0! (!rising11HQ)

Wish I could update this with something a little more exciting, but I’d thought it would be better not to delay this any longer.

Here is our V2 of Rising x Rydeen chapter 11. We felt that the raw quality from the web didn’t quite cut it, so we redid it using the magazine raws. They are 10x better, at least, and while we fixed that, I spent a bit longer on the TS and the QC, so it should look nicer than ever.

Trigger is !rising11HQ

I hope my next release can be a bit more exciting, but until then, toodles!~

Lost Seven Chapter 19 with Scantily Clad

Another joint release today this time with Scantily Clad, make sure to visit them and thank them for their work. The trigger is !seven19.

Credits: GGpX, Prozess, DarkDooM, The Mighty Highlord, Nanaseru, Whatsnew and ZeroDC.

Only a few chapters left, once we finish this project we’d like to work on one of our stalled series, and we’ll need a translator, if you can help, please apply.

Moteki Chapter 9 with Supreme Cream

Its nap time so I’ll make it it quick, go visit Supreme Cream Scans. The trigger is !moteki9.

Credits: Tallrice, TDnF, Shadowmonk, and Chie.

We are looking for translators again, please apply.

Shinya Shokudou 18 – Sanma Wars Edition

For some strange reason a few pages of this chapter reminded me of Kevin Smith’s movie Chasing Amy… go figure.
Have you heard of Summer Wars? Well… here we have Sanma Wars!!! Only one can be the worst!!! Or something along those lines.
Enjoy this chapter cause they’ll probably be even slower now D:
Also men are whipped… but you already knew that .-. No go do what your tiny Asian girlfriend ordered you to do and stop downloading ecchi/harem manga from viscans. Thanks.

P.S. There is nudity in this chapter in case you’re gonna read it at work or in front of your parents.

Credits: Psi, blueberry and yours truly.


Again!! 34 with Supreme

Here’s Again!! again. Fuck off you smelly leechers.

Get it from these people Supreme Cream Scans, they are way nicer than I am.

Edward out.

This message was sanctioned by the all powerful ZeroDC. See below for reference.

[20:54:48] <@ZeroDC> who wants to write the post
[20:55:03] <@Edward> Here’s again again. Fuck off leechers.
[20:55:10] <@Edward> I can do that if you want
[20:56:38] <@TheUnknownMercenary> lol
[20:56:49] <@ZeroDC> ok Edward
[20:57:08] <@Edward> really? lol. I will do it ._.
[20:57:15] <@ZeroDC> make sure to link Supreme

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