Duction man 15

Well after staring at the screen for a minute trying to figure out what to write and coming up with nothing, I’ll just put the trigger wich is !duction15

Over Image chapter 6

Here’s chapter 6 of Over Image, like aurega, nothing much to say XD short chapter to wrap up the prologue, although I’m a little confused as to who the heroine of the story is… Mikuro, Pilica, or both? Well, we’ll see you in chapter 7!

The trigger is !oi6

Please apply for our vacant positions on the right! -> we always need more staff! (they don’t pay me (the cat) enough attention when I want it you see :3)

Ore Ga Heroine 8

Very short chapter, so nothing to say. Still a joint with Orinjido, so go visit their site http://orinjido.info/ or something. Do drop by our IRC channel as well. We still need a Translator for this series, so apply here at VI, or even at Orinjado’s site if you think we’re too awesome for you. ;)

Trigger is !heroine8

We’re also looking for a redrawer for Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu and Gakusen Toshi Asterisk. Apply now!

Lost Seven Chapter 18 with Scantily Clad

Here is the next chapter of Lost Seven brought to you with the help of Scantily Clad.

Not much to say just a quick release. The trigger is !seven18.

Credits: Prozess, DarkDooM, The Might Highlord, Nanaseru, and Aurega.

Please look at the list on the right. We need help, please apply.

Sore wa Totsuzen 21! (!swt21)

It’s late, so I”mma make this a bit quick.

Thanks to Ayrev and Nanaseru for helping push this chapter out, along with TsunTsun and Gyabo for being dependable. Only a couple more chapters to go, the big “climax” is coming.

Stop reading this post and go read the chapter, silly readers.


Again!! 31

Guess what it’s time for… again!! Chapter 31 starts off volume 4 with a continuation of Imamura’s scheming.

Thanks to staff from Viscans and Supreme! Tallrice, ZeroDC, LeipuriHiiva, Autumnrain, Blueberry, and Pimelea.

Reminder that we need lots of new members – just take a look at the sidebar, see what projects you’re interested in, and please apply! We’re considering a (professional writing level good) proofreader, too!

Trigger: !again31

Tokyo Ravens 17! (!tr17)

I know. I know. It’s been a while.

I love this series too, and really wish we could put out chapters faster. To do that, however, we really could use a Translator for this series. Tokyo Ravens has gone through many a translator, and we really could use someone that can translate for us on a consistent basis. Until then, these releases are going to be few and far between, unfortunately.

That being said, this is a pretty good chapter of a pretty good series which is getting an anime sometime soon. I hope that, as the time draws nearer, we’ll be able to release more frequently, but it’s anyone’s guess at this point.

Enjoy the chapter, hopefully it won’t be an eternity till the next one…

Shinya Shunday

Here. Chapters. There are 2.
People worked on them. Enjoy.
IRC, Get at.
Sunday. Maybe more.

Ruler of the Land Chapter 56

A quick short chapter, and an even quicker release thanks to the efforts of Wilcoxii; he cleaned the chapter in record time. The trigger is !ruler56.

Staff: Admra, Wilcoxii, KelptheGreat, ZeroDC, and Soranokira.

This project needs a dedicated cleaner. Please apply.

Barakamon Chapters 20 and 21

Two more chapters for you today, though chapter 21 is really short and feels more like an extra. The triggers are !barakamon20 and !barakamon21.

Staff for chapter 20: Psi, ZeroDC, Nanaseru, and Blueberry.

Staff for chapter 21: Wazuka (new project translator), Psi, ZeroDC, Blueberry, and Freijie.

This project just got a translator so now we are looking for a cleaner. If you think you can help please apply.

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