Chisa x Pon 10! (!chisa10) Oh boy…

Man, now I remember why this series was not being scanlated up till now…

Never thought I want to slap both the male and female leads in a single chapter. As I said before, doing this out of respect of the author and her works, and because it’s supposed to have a happy ending. Don’t know how much longer I can hold out, though.

If any other scanlation groups wanna pick this up, go ahead. No complaints here. XD

Again, rated R-18 due to sexual content. Also, because rage.



Golden Time 11 and Regatta 40

2 more chapters for everyone today.

I know most people have already read another version of Golden Time, just consider that a version 0. Our release has a lot of corrections to the script and redraws of the text. I hope you can see the difference in quality and that is  basically why our releases are slower. The trigger is !gldntm11.

Edit: Found some mistakes and there is now a new version.

Concerning pages 154-155: The two pages appear to have been drawn separately, but intended to appear to be one big drawing, taking advantage of the book binding to hide the discontinuity at the junction of the pages. So there you have it.

Please thank the staff that helped out on this chapter: Hayatakun, Wil, TsunTsun, Psi, and Rpapo.

Well it’s a longer post than I wanted but I still need to talk about Regatta. We get a nice flashback chapter, I think most people will enjoy it. So go read it! Trigger is !regatta40.

Staff for Regatta 40: Taylor, Savino, KelpTheGreat, and Psi.

Trinity Seven Chapter 23! (!trin23)

This was meant to be released last night, but playing Little Busters and me killing the bot pushed it to this morning. -__-

Anyways, this is definitely one of the more serious chapters of t7, and probably will leave you wanting to know what happens next.

If so, tough cookies, because the next chapter still needs to be TL’ed. XD


Anyways, go to IRC or wait for batoto, your choice.

Enjoy the chapter!


Unbreakable Machine Doll 28(!kswk28)

And we’re back in action with the Unbreakable Machine Dolls, this time together with the nice fishy dudes over at For The Halibut! Visit their site to read/download it or get it from our IRC channel.

We choose one heck of a time to come back, didn’t we?

Trigger is !kswk28

Heroine Chapter 6! (!heroine6)

Thanks to Orinjido for helping us out with this series. Go visit their site!

It’s been a while since the last chapter. This series is in need for a translator to speed things up. Current TL’er is busy and overworked as is. Apply here at VI, or even at Orinjado’s site, although we know who’s the cooler group. ;)

Anyway, Enjoy. Here’s a pic from the chapter:


Read Online

Do You Like Action-Adventure?

Today we have 3 action-adventure chapters for you guys.

Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu Chapter 7 with Sense-Scans

A chapter that isn’t in the anime, it explains a lot of what Sion is thinking. Please visit Sense-scans as well.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Chapter 8

I want to thank Soranokira for translating this chapter, he did a great job. We are still looking for a translator for this series, please apply!

The Ruler of the Land Chapter 52

This project again has a new translator, please help me thank Admra for doing a great job. Wil also helped me greatly with the redraws.

Is your favorite series not getting enough love from us, why not try applying, just hit the “About” tab above.

Date A Live 5 and Origami 3! (!date5 & !origami3)

It’s been a while since we’ve been able to release this series. There were a few things holding it up, mainly lack of raws and a translator. But it appears that those issues are settled in the short term for the very least. We’re still only one chapter behind, I think.

Anyways, here some new Date A Live and Origami! Origami is spoiler-ish by nature, so I wouldn’t advise reading it until you read the light novels first. Or don’t. You know, be a rebel and all that.


PS – Still looking for staff. Updated a lot of our positions needed on the sidebar. Thanks in advance to all those that do.

Tokyo Innocent 29

Phew! Another volume bites the dust. (feels a bit of a dejavu here :P) They finally started to use the plot device that they have in Mei, wow, really? Anyway, please enjoy the part 1 of this 2 part chapters.

The trigger is !ti29.

There must be a series you’re interested in over there -> right? Please help us translate them!!

duction 12

Quick release before I go to sleep and I had to skip watching anime to do this -__-
Trigger is !duction12

Over Image 4.5

Just a short, light-hearted chapter this time. On a side note, there seems to be a lot of jokes about the too much/lack of ehm… in the chest area between Pirika and Mikage in the novel and in advertisments… well anyway, enjoy :3

The trigger is !oi4.5

If you’re interested in manga and know how to translate Japanese, please come and join us :D

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