Over Image 4 & Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara 5

Happy new year~nyan!!!

I’ve got 2 more chapters for you in this fine new year’s eve. Gaorare is setting more flags than you’ve ever known before! well, have you ever heard of the err… well you’ll see :3 Over Image is still in the prologue stage nyaaaan~ mayhap something will happen in the next chapter, so don’t miss this one out!

The triggers are !oi4 & !flag5, enjoy nyan!

We’re still looking for JP->Eng Translator nyan, please apply nyan!

Blade Dance 5! (!blade5)

Here’s the next chapter.

Too tired to write anything else, and if I did it would be gibberish regardless.

Happy New Years Eve!

PS – Join if you’re a Translator. Would be super special awesome if you did.

Barakamon Chapter 18

With this, we’ve reached the end of volume 2 for Barakamon. It was quite long so it took longer than usual. This was the last chapter for which we had a script from Bliss for. This means this series is now in dire need of a translator, and is stalled until we find one. Raws are not an issue as we have still have some leftover from when we bought them for this series, but I would like to have a translator on board before we start cleaning. If you enjoy this series and know anyone that can help us, please have them contact us on our about page.

Similarly to Barakamon, many of our projects are in need of translators so we are asking the community to help out. If you see a series you like and think you can help please don’t hesitate to apply.

Sword Art online 4-koma – log 7

Here’s more light hearted supplement for you boys and gals out there who watched and loved sword art online.

The trigger is !saokoma7, enjoy~nyan!

Dakara Boku Wa, H Ga Dekinai 16 (!dkbh16) and Oniiai chapter 3! (!oniiai3)

Working hard over the holiday weekend, here’s yet ANOTHER Dakara chapter. Considering our usual pace with this series, it’s nice to see it coming out a bit quicker, I’m sure. :D

In terms of Onii-Ai, unfortunately we are considering dropping it mainly due to another group picking it up, and because we don’t have enough staff (Mainly on the TL side) willing to pump it out. If things continue as they are, we will have to drop it in favor of helping speed up other series.

Anyways, special thanks to hayatakun who popped outta nowhere to help translate this chapter of Dakara. Here’s hoping that we can get more people like him to join our cause.

On that note, still looking for Translators to help speed up some of our series, including Tokyo Ravens and Maoyuu.

On another side note, I might consider redoing the Maoyuu chapters with a more liberal translation and more typical TS if we can find some staff to help me out. Before it was all really just one person.

Happy Sunday, readers.

Boku to Kanojo Renai Koirogu 14! (!bkr14)

Another chapter from everyone’s favorite time travel manga!
And guess what? Things are starting to make SENSE! Never thought I’d live to see the day.

Anyway, come grab it from IRC or head on over to batoto when I get around to uploading it there.

I don’t have any more releases planned today, so don’t get too excited. Just figured I’d start the holidays with a bang. :P

Sore wa Totsuzen, Unmei no Aite ga 17!! (!swt17)

Very, VERY happy to finally be able to bring this to you all, it’s been far too long!

Sore wa Totsuzen is out, people! And the next chapter shouldn’t take anywhere close to the… 132 days or so since we’ve released the last chapter.

Now for some sad news, it seems that this series has ended in japan at around 22 chapters or so, so this should be the last volume. Sad to hear, but thanks to the author regardless for bringing us such a great series.

Happy Early X-Mas, everyone!

Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu (Blade Dance) 4! (!blade4)

Here’s another chapter of Blade Dance, which finally seems to be getting somewhere! We’ve finally moved past the description on batoto/mangaupdates! We’re talking uncharted waters here, people! (Unless you’ve read the Light Novel, of course.)

In much related news: We are in need of Translators in order to continue many of our series at a reasonable pace, including this one. If you are interested, even just a tiny bit, I invite you come help release some manga with us. :D

Have a Merry Friday, everyone!

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko Chapter 13

This chapter  got stuck in qc hell but thanks to Hinokai we got it out. The trigger for this chapter is !denpa13.

We are still looking for translators, please look at the list on the right and please apply.

God Eater Chapter 5

Here’s the next chapter of God Eater, only 2 left. Big thanks go out to Abcd for translating and quality checking.

We are still looking for translators please apply.

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