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It’s half term~Nyan! \o/ (For those outside of England, it means I’m having a week off from school :P)

I’ve been busy with school work, but here’s the next chapter of Over Image… A few other chapters of my projects are on the way too, so please enjoy~Nyan!

The trigger is !oi2 :3

Golden Time Chapter 7

After a break here we are with volume 2. U-Prod has dropped the project so it is just us now. I wanna thank the staff for this project: Rpapo, Puri~Kura, NorthFL, and Psi.The trigger for this chapter is !gldntm7.

Puri~Kura the regular translator for Golden Time is super busy with school and is unable to continue at a fast pace, so we are looking for a new translator to pick up the slack, if you are interested please apply by clicking on the About link above.

Lastly I want to thank all those that donated this month we have finally reached our goal, thank you again.

Ruler of the Land Chapter 48

Woot! We quickly finished this chapter, I want to thank all the staff who worked on this chapter: Tokshi, Wilcoxii, KelpTheGreat, and Soranokira. I seriously doubt we can finish the next chapter as fast, so please give us a couple weeks. The trigger for this chapter is !ruler48. Thanks for reading.

We are only a few dollars away from our monthly donation goal, someone please donate. Also we are still looking for a couple translators and redrawers please apply.

Monthly batch~

Ok while my mind already on slump anyway I should take break doing my final project….
Here’s the batch you are waiting for:

  1. Trinity 7 ch21
  2. Dakara boku wa H ga dekinai ch13 (we are not dropping it)
  3. Rising X Rydeen ch5 (we are not dropping it too)
  4. Hitsugi no Chaika ch11

That’s all, please donate if you have some money to spare :)
Thanks and enjoy

Note: Our projects may slow down but we will keep releasing them no matter how long it take us.

Ruler of the Land Chapter 47! (!ruler47)

Happy Wednesday, readers!

Here’s a chapter of ruler of the land for all of ya’ll.

To all those who haven’t tried ruler, I recommend you give it a shot if you like comedy and action series.

Expect more releases in a timely manner, and I’ll see you all then. :)


Again!! c21 and Moteki c7 with Supreme Cream Scans

ZeroDC turns a year older today and what is that I see? A Mitsurou Kubo double release! Yay!

Happy birthday, Zero!

We’d like to give credit to the staff from both groups, especially those who pitched in for cleaning and redraws in these chapters. As was mentioned in a previous post, the delay was due to us being short of staff in these departments. If you have the skills, time, and a burning desire to help bring quality releases of Again!! and Moteki at a faster pace, please apply to either Village Idiot or Supreme Cream.

Enjoy your mango. The triggers are !again21 and !moteki7

Boku to Kanojo no Renai Koirogu

Hey, all. major_shiznick here to bring you Boku to Kanojo no Renai Koirogu 12. This chapter got delayed for quite a while (some of it my own fault orz), but I am really excited to finally release it. It’s definitely one of the most interesting chapters of the series so far, in my opinion. THE PLOT THICKENS.

Grab it on IRC with the trigger !bkr12 right now!

Kanade Chapter 7 and Regatta Chapters 31-32

Here’s the next chapter of Kanade, please thank the people that worked on this chapter. Like most of our series right now, we really need some help. Kanade needs a cleaner and a typesetter, and although we don’t have the script for chapter 8, I’m sure it’s coming.

Speaking of series that need staff, we have 2 chapters of Regatta. I did most of the cleaning on these chapters, with the help of Einlander on a redraw, and as you might have heard I’m barely qualified to be a scanlator, so I need all the help I can get.

We are in bad need of redrawers: Again!! and Moteki are both stalled until we can find people to work on them. If you think you can help, please apply.

Last thing, I want to thank all those that have donated, and remind everyone that we have not reached our goal yet, so if you enjoy our releases please consider donating. Thanks in advance.

Something a bit different… Sword Art Online 4koma with Riceballicious

I’ve to admit that I’m quite a big fan kitten (tom cat) of the Sword Art Online series, so I took the opportunity when I can do something related to SAO. The main manga is disappointing, so I chose to get involved with the 4koma instead, something light-hearted, not what we usually do.

Anyway, the trigger is !saokoma5 & !saokoma6 enjoy nyan~!

Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu Ch 2 (!blade2)

Thanks to all the staff who are working to bring this wonderfully interesting series to us readers. :)

Here’s chapter two of the restart of Blade Dance, things are heating up in this chapter as the blade spirit begins to go on a rampage.

Come check this series out if you haven’t yet, only two chapters, but quite interesting.

See ya next time, readers,

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