Barakamon ch16

Finally long chapter!!!!!

PS: I need translator for Barakamon. Apply if you are interested ;)

Tokyo Ravens ch11

Yep new chapter ^^

Dakara ecchi ch10 and Love Log ch09

Uhh yea kinda bit late but better than never released it…
I hope you guys still love the manga version because yea it airs this season ^^.

And we got love log with Hattori route now, enjoy.

And yea need to say this, but I need translator for dakara ecchi. I’m going to release in every week to catch up till the latest raw… ;___;. Apply if you are interested.


duction man 4

well it took long… I’m slow… I been slow for years… since something always delays me when I try to do it faster get used to it >_>

We’re still looking for translators for ikereru futari and go temba cheerleaders among other positions but I really need a translator to get the ball rolling on those 2

trigger is !duction4

Trinity 7 ch18 + volume 3 extra pages

For those who wait…
Here it comes, the end of the Liese arc.
Next chapter we will get new development and YAY we are catching up with the latest raw.

Enjoy the chapter.
and yea I need new translator for barakamon coz we will going to speed up the current release after this.

PS: trigger for ch18 and extra pages are different !trin18 and !t7extrav3

Date A live ch03

I never know there exist an eroge like that!
Well, I’m sure you’ll get same experience (without torture) if you played that kind of game xD

AHAHA not gonna say anymore. I need a Typesetter for Tokyo Ravens manga. Apply now!!!

Again!! Chapter 14

We finally caught up to anonloev on the popular sites. But I hear he has released up to chapter 18, so we are still about a months worth of work behind him. I’m actually very impressed that he was able to keep his releases off of the major online readers, I wish we could follow in his footsteps. Anyway come get our “hq” version only on irc, the trigger is !again14.

Again!! Chapter 13

It took a bit longer than I had hopped and the San Diego Comic Con didn’t help either but here is the next chapter of this very interesting series. Come get it from us only on irc.

Zonbicchi wa Bicchi ni Fukumaremasu ka? Chapter 3

A quick release before I sleep Zombie Bitch chapter 3 with Hello Scans. Go get it now!

Barakamon ch15


Another chapter !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If all of you wandering, why we are doing less release than usual?
Yep, we are preparing something big for next month :3.

Hahaha for now you can enjoy something from my side first…
I hope some typesetter will join us to TS Tokyo Ravens ;____; and another project.

That’s all o/

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