Tokyo Ravens ch09

Hmm… Hmm…

Don’t get mad of this kind of development… actually real deal will be on volume 3 but yea I still waiting for the tler to finish up ch11… and yea I got ch10 tled and ready to be proofed, cleaned and typesetted.
So, it won’t take long, unless… yea you know… “life” can be that harsh…

well, that’s all

Duction man Ch1

I got the raws for this one over a year ago and thanks to abcd9146 it can finally be released, from the same author of “salad days” so it has to be good. Trigger is !duction1

Family Compo Chapter 78

Nothing much to say, this project is going forth even if it’s a little slow. Took a little extra time cause of the color pages. It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, but oh well.

We are still recruiting translators and redrawers.

Hitsugi no Chaika ch6


Short chapter but this is the beginning of new arc…
Things will get more interesting next chapter…

and I just want to say it… SCREW NTR (Google it: netorare)!!! Seriously JAPAN!! You have so much genre but WHY NTR!!!!!??????? I hope you finds the light if you already trapped in the world of Ntr… Amen… (this only my rant, not happening in this chapter so don’t worry)

okay that’s all
Guys, repeat after me: NTR is bad!! (thanks T1 for the advice)

Hoshi no Furu Machi Chapter 45

A really intense chapter, I really can’t delay it anymore. Regatta is starting a new volume and those take a bit longer, you’ll see that next time. If you want to read it first, come get only on irc.

We are looking for translators for our stalled projects.

New Series: Golden Time Chapter 1 and 2, Joint with U-Prod

So I had already bought the raws for this series (I really enjoy TAKEMIYA Yuyuko‘s series) when U-Prod Scanlations (please visit them as well) released chapter 1. I thought it was a good chance to join together and release some really high quality manga. We also re-did chapter 1 with tanko raws, I think they look great. The trigger for this series is !gldntm1 and !gldntm2.

We are still looking for translators, please apply.

Double Release of Tokyo Innocent

After a bit of confusion with the proofreaders, Raukcaran stepped up and finished up the work. Thanks to 19 being delayed a bit we are doing a double release just for fun. 2 very good chapters with every bit of action comedy and drama. Go read it now, like always only on irc.

We are looking for translators to pick up the slack of the slower projects and maybe something new!


I updated chapter 19 cause I forgot to include Powha’s color page!

Densetsu no Yusha no Densetsu Chapter 2 with Sense-Scans

A joint project with Sense-Scans, please visit their site to thank them. Whew, it took us a while and we only lost 1 cleaner but here is chapter 2. I really wanna thank aoi from Sense, she did a great job on this chapter. If you saw the anime I think its almost exactly the same maybe a little more info about Sion at the beginning, I can’t wait to see if anything else is different. The trigger this time around: !denyuuden2 Only available from us in irc!

Hetakoi Chapter 50! !hk50

The time has come, time for some more Hetakoi. It brings me great joy to see this series being translated again, and so without further adieu, here is chapter 50 (!hk50)

Yet another great chapter, it’s nice to see some progress being made. This is a sure read for any fan of the series, and for any passerby interested in this wonderful series.

Want to help this series or any other VI series come out faster? Join us! We still are in need of almost every position, so if you think you can help, don’t hesitate to apply. We love each and every one of our staff who help us bring these series to light, and without their masochistic tendencies  diligent effort, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Come grab this chapter and many others from our IRC channel at IRCHighway, or head over to BidHangingAddNine at, who helps provide translation for this series. I’m not sure what we would do without him.

Until next time, VI readers.

boku to kanojo no “koirogu” ch7 and Trinity 7 ch15

Alright, alright….

Don’t question it… just enjoy them. both of this chapter is simply amazing.
I’d like to thank major shiznick for tling bkr chapter. and Purr-Nyan for checking his script.

That’s all~~~

Ps: is Liese boobs got bigger?

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