Hoshi no Furu Machi 42, Regatta 17, and Shissou Holiday Extra [END]

We have 3 chapters for you today to make up for not releasing anything the whole weekend. Like usual come to our irc channel to read it first. For Hnf, Pizza put it best when he said “I hope you are all enjoying the new protagonist, Masaki!” In Regatta its still almost time for the race. The Shissou Holiday Tanko ends with some extra info about the characters before the main story begins, its nice and short.

Guys we have still not hit our donation goal, it will be the first time we don’t make it since we implemented the goal meter on the site. Please don’t let the streak break.

If you can’t donate you can at least apply to join the group, we still have all positions open, apply by filling out the form on the About page above. Good luck and we hope to see you soon.

Tokyo Innocent Chapter 18

It took us a bit longer than usual but you can’t really blame school/work can you? All I can say about this chapter is cliffhanger after cliffhanger…

Like my early post said we are recruiting for all staff positions and we need people to donate, don’t be just a leecher contribute one way or the another.

Ruler of the Land Chapter 43

Not much to say, A good chapter, give it a read. I wanna thank Hige for helping with the redraws.

All staff positions are still open, give it a try and apply.

It’s almost the end of the month and we still have not met our donation goal we are 10% off which is $5 it may not seem like much but please remember that a tanko costs around $11 plus shipping. If you enjoy our releases please think about donating.

Haruwaka Chapter 3

Here’s chapter 3! This took a bit longer than I had hoped. I wanted to get it out yesterday, but I didn’t have enough time to finish it before I had to leave the library, and QCing it while in a public library isn’t too great. Though, me and Ashido ended up QCing it while both of us were in different public libraries today, because of my time constraints.

As always, Haruwaka is NSFW. Enjoy!

| IRC: !haru3

Again!! Chapter 6

Took a while but here is the next chapter of Again!! with Mangaholic. So, does anyone else think Abe is a really interesting character? It’s a good chapter, give it a read.

In other news; I’m tired of having Pineapple Army and Pumpkin Scissors on the stalled list so I’m dropping both of them to make room for new more popular projects.

We are looking for new staff for new projects, all positions are open, please apply!

Two Hidenori-sensei releases!

Hello everyone, guess what time it is!

It’s party time.


For real though, this time we have two Hidenori-sensei releases for you:

Hoshi no Furu Machi 41, and Regatta 16!

Their triggers are !hnf41 and !regatta16 respectively, come get them on our IRC channel! And say hi while you’re here :)

Also, we are in need of staff, especially translators! We always need more translators! If you have an interest, please come apply, we are a very friendly bunch of people, and what harm could taking the tests do!

~Your friendly neighborhood Raukcaran

Kagemusha no Skirt wa Haite! Oneshot

Here comes a little surprise for everyone, a suggestion from Soranokira. It’s been in the works for a while, but some setbacks has pushed it’s release until today (my bad).  Either way, Sora gets all the credit for this release, it was his baby.

Anyways the oneshot is called Kagemusha wa Skirt no Haite! (!kage) If you enjoy crossdressing ninjas and slapstick comedy, along with slight hints at romance and BDSM, then this manga should be right up your alley! If not, it’s short and fun, and worth a read.

As always, you can grab this chapter right now in our IRC channel, #viscans. If online readers are more your thing, you might have to wait until one of us lazy bums decides to upload it to Batoto. You might be waiting for a while. ;P

Still looking for some awesome Translators to step up and help us pick up some very special projects. If you can convert Japanese, or any other cool language into English, shoot us an application. We don’t bite.

(Can’t speak for Zero, though. :P)

Hoshi no Furu machi Chapter 40 and Regatta Chapter 15

We are a day late but no one complained so I guess it’s alright. We starting a new volume of Hnf and it begins with extra large chapter, I hope you enjoy it! In Regatta its time for the loser’s bracket race, they gotta win or they are out! What will happen?

We’ve updated the staff needs list, please take a look and apply by visiting our About page above.

Seven Sisters Chapter 3

And here we finally have chapter 3 of Seven Sisters! Like many may have noticed though, this project is actually dropped by Village Idiot.

This release is a joint between my own group, Renzokusei Scans and Village Idiot Scans, because the translation and proof were done a while back, but cleans were never done. So, I got permission to finish the work and release it.

This project does not have a translator! I would very much like to continue this project, as we are a bit behind on the series, and have more raws for it, but again, we have no translator for it. If anyone is interested in translating this series to continue it, head over to Renzokusei’s site and apply there.

IRC Trigger: !ss3

Regatta Chapter 14

We have the conclusion of the race, lots of action in this chapter, unbelievable ending, go read it now! I’m delaying Hnf till next time because the chapter is a bit more complicated than usual, so go re-read chapter 39 and expect chapter 40 in 3 days.

It’s the busy time of the year for students so we are recruiting again, pretty much any positions. If you are interested please send us an email.

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