Hoshi no Furumachi Chapter 36 and Regatta Chapter 10

The beginning of volume 2 for Regatta, not much happening. Hnf is the complete opposite. A lot of stuff happening makes for a great chapter. Everyone should read it as soon as possible. Come get it in our IRC channel!

I’ve been trying to release these 2 series every 3 days, but I got behind on this one because we are understaffed and I’ve been busy. We need Cleaners, please apply by clicking on the about page!

Megane x Parfait! Chapter 5 + Extra [END]

Woot! Another series done! This chapter seemed rushed but what can you expect from a 1 volume series. Anyway come and get it from our irc channel and let me know what you think of the ending.

We are recruiting cleaners for a new series and some older ones, please apply!

Shissou Holiday Chapters 2-4

One of Eito’s projects that we were trying to finish up for him. And I thought we were done but then I found out there is an extra chapter and with Eito not around this series is now stalled. Anyway I really enjoyed the art in this series and like the previous chapter these are released in 1825 high-res.

We are still looking for cleaners please apply!

New Project and Batch Release

Woot! 6 chapters… We worked on these chapters all week, please help me thank the staff by commenting…

Again!! with Mangaholic: !again4, Eyebrows! Why are people falling in love with Usami’s eyebrows?

Family Compo: !fc77, Haha, bet you didn’t see that coming!

Hoshi no Furu Machi: !hnf35, Can you say “cliffhanger”?

Megane x Parfait!: !mxp4, Best chapter in the series so far!

Regatta: !regatta9, What else did you expect?

New project, Tokyo Innocent! We will be picking the series up from Ala Atra Scans. For new readers, its a sweet Girl-Meets-Monster love comedy in Tokyo: !ti15,  Needs a cleaner!

We are looking for Cleaners, so please apply!

Megane x Parfait 3 , Hoshi no Furu Machi 34

Heleleo (Cleaner for Hoshi no Furu Machi)  here! No one wanted to write this:

<!ZeroDC> I need someone to write the release post for me
<!ZeroDC> Liquidflux
<!elcausa> why me?
<!ZeroDC> elcausa do it
<!elcausa> eh why I didn’t do anything in those chapters >_>
<@Heleleo> Well, who’s gonna do it, then? :P
<!ZeroDC> Heleleo what about you

So yeah, here I am.

Here’s two more chapters to improve your weekend! Get them from the IRC channel, as usual. Come grab those chapters and hang out.

It’s been a while since the last MxP chapter (!mxp3), so don’t miss out! Hoshi no Furu Machi (!hnf34) is, as always, dramatic, but that’s why we all love it, no?

We are still looking for Cleaners and Typesetters, so don’t be afraid to apply. We have many series that we would love to release more often, but can’t, so all help is appreciated. We depend on selfless people each week in order to bring all these to you.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone! :)

Again!! 3, Hoshi no Furu Machi 33, and Regatta 8

Whew! I’m excited to be able to release 3 chapters today, Again!! just happened to be ready when Hnf and Regatta were scheduled to be released. Again!! is a joint project with  Mangaholic please visit their site. Come to irc channel to download these releases.

We are still recruiting cleaners, please apply!

Tokyo Ravens ch07


Ok, that’s all I have to say. Coz I already have “backlog” so much, but no need to worry! I’ll work something out this week… yea coz I got goddamn break from all weekly report and revise report ;____;
this might be late release but yea we are working carefully here coz of onmyouji term is difficult and thanks to Keiya for always translating all of this. you can have kon if you want :)

ah and yea Thank you so much for your help by donating some of your profit to us. We will work hard to meet your expectations. and yea we still need more people especially Cleaner and Typesetter. I don’t know they have become a rare creature these days.

see you all in next release o/

Hoshi no Furu Machi 32 and Regatta 7 Plus News

I rushed these 2 chapters to make a special announcement about the new series we had just picked up. We will be dropping Eighth as Japanzai is so much further than us and though they are not perfect they do a good job with their releases and are so much faster than us. Hopefully, they continue to do a good job with it.

Anyway about HnF, the chapters are short so try to soak in the dialogue Pizza worked hard on this chapter.

As for Regatta, it’s just starting to get exciting. No spoilers!

Even though we’ve dropped Eighth we are still looking for cleaners, we’ll eventually pick up another series.

Eighth Chapter 2

As I promised in my Spas-Pa post here is a new project. By the same author (KAWACHI Izumi) as the popular series Enchanter, we bring you Eighth! Formerly done by the now defunct group OMFGG, they did a great job with super long first chapter.

For this chapter Derek stepped up by proofing and typesetting this chapter but we are still looking for a permanent solution for this project a cleaner would also be nice,  if you are interested please apply.

As for other projects we are still looking for cleaners.

Spas-Pa Volume 7 END

Well after a long, long wait we have finally completed Spas Pa. This was one of the very first chapters I cleaned and it needed a lot of work (thanks to this vol I never again want to work on anything with magazine raws). Thanks to Klauz and Thony for helping me on it. This chapter has been in the works for a while you can see some old staffers in the credits. Anyway good job to everyone that worked on this volume.

I gotta say though this volume was pretty bad compared to the other volumes, I guess that’s what happens when a series is discontinued. You may even see a character from Crimson Grave, at that time it was MIYAKE Taishi‘s new series. I still hope everyone that reads it and enjoys it. Let me know what you think.

We are looking for cleaners for a new project we want to pick up, either Eighth or Iketeru Futari. So please apply!

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