Trinity 7 ch12 and Boku Renai ch04

Ah, it’s been awhile since I last releasing something. Yeah I’ve been busy with my college’s assignment and RL stuff.
and yea I finally got a time to work on this one.

I said this chapter of trinity is hilarious!!! Yui is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo LOVELY!!!! and what do we have now?? Loli TWIN SISTER!!!! I’d like to take a small vote for the older sister name here. should it be “Lieselotte Sharlock” or “Liezelotte Sharlock”?? I’m currently using Lieselotte now :< but Liezelotte is good too. oh well… and VOL.1 and VOL.2 of Trinity 7 is already out!!! go buy THEM!! DIRECTLY FROM JAPAN!!

on another think we have bondage chapter of boku kanojo renai mokuroku. Yea, you already know what will be in this chapter. and yea I would like to say sorry for last chapter of Boku renai coz on last page it supposed to have a tl like on the first page on this chapter (ch04) we will using scanned RAW for ch5. expect something good from it.

ah yea I would like to thanks to you guys that already donate for us so we reached our target this month! and we are still continue to work harder to meet up your expectations. once again thank you!!! Though it’s rude to say that again, please donate for us again next month too^^

You will see new barakamon next week :) along with dakara and Tokyo Ravens!

Eight chap 17

Yo forgot it yesterday, but here’s the post:

Eight chapter 17 is relesased, drugs get involved, ppl go crazy -> read it and enjoy if you like drugs over panties lol

Thanks to Deathtoll btw, visit their site

Also check on the right if you wanna help out, we always need some helping hands guys!


4 Chapters

We have four chapters for you today. Its like a buffet for manga readers! I wanna thank all the staff involved in these project especially those who work on multiple chapters. Well let us know what you think  of these projects so comment or are all these series under-appreciated.

Here they are with their triggers:

  • Family Compo: !fc76
  • Hoshi no Furu Machi: !hnf26
  • Regatta: !regatta4
  • Sing Yesterday for Me: !syfm41

It saddens me that not even 1 person has applied for the cleaner position for Ruler of the Land, I guess no one cares how long it takes to release…

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Chapter 26

Whew finally the last exciting chapter of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou in volume 3 with Wangan Scans. Now we gotta wait for volume 4, though I’m not sure what’s gonna happen with the story or us. Well come get it from us, you know where and password is wearenumber1.

I am still looking for a cleaner for Ruler of the Land.

Hoshi no Furu Machi Chapter 25

Here is your 2nd dosage of hnf for the week, I hope you all enjoy it. Not much else to say, um, leave a comment if you enjoy this series.

And regular recruitment message: Ruler of the Land needs a cleaner please apply.

Again!! Chapter 1

This is a project I’ve had my eye on for a while, but I just didn’t have a translator for it. But now that I finally found someone (Kevadu!) to work on it, I think he did a great job on it. But last week I found out that two other groups are/wanted to work on this project, and though the possibility of a joint did come up, it’s just not the right fit for us right now. So this will be the only chapter we will do. It looks like a really fun manga, and I hope a high quality group works on it. Also, let me state it clearly: the only way we would continue this series is if the other groups pretty much give us permission.

The trigger for this chapter is !again1

By the way, I am still looking for a cleaner for Ruler of the Land!

Hoshi no Furu Machi Chapter 24, Sekitou Elegy Chapter 32, The Ruler of the Land Chapter 40

I wanted to make a special release today for Presidents Day here in the US. So the VI staff and I worked on these all day.

First, we have Hoshi no Furu Machi and whoa are things heating up. Give it a read, it’s good.

I took over quality checking SE from Edward since he’s so busy and I hope it’s up to his standards.

Lastly, we have Ruler of the Land. I put this one off for so long. I really wanted all the redraws to look great, but I wasn’t able to do them myself. I really want to call this a v0 or pre-release since it feels incomplete. I’m releasing it in hopes that someone will see it and join us to help.

Those are the releases, I hope you know where to get them, so what are you waiting for? Go get them! (Better not be mangafox, I tell you whut)

Even though I released Ruler of the Land it doesn’t change the fact that we still need a cleaner for it…

Tokyo Ravens ch6 and Hitsugi no Chaika ch3

Alright Alright!!!
New Semester begins and there’s new chapters as well!

I really need cleaners for Zombie mango. So if you want to see this manga more frequent, APPLY!!

Enjoy and don’t forget to donate!!


Hoshi no Furu Machi Chapter 23

Here is a fun chapter for all Hoshi no Furu Machi fans out there. And again any slice of life fans out there should read this manga its really good. Its hard to gauge its popularity with all the online readers out there but I think it should be more popular than it is. At least read the first volume scanlated by Hiyoko no GAO, they did a great job on it.

Still looking for that cleaner for Ruler of the Land!

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Chapter 25

It’s the 2nd to last chapter of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou in volume 3 with Wangan Scans. This chapter took a while cause I had to clean (Klauz was busy) and typeset the chapter, so sorry for any bad spots. I’m sure all you fans will still enjoy it though. You know where to get it.

Hehe, I’m stilling looking for a cleaner/re-drawer for Ruler of the Land!

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