Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Chapter 19

Another joint chapter release with Wangan Scans. Come get it from us on irc!

Not much to say, we are still looking for staff members. Take a look at our project page and find out which projects need help.

Hitsugi no Chaika ch01

OK FOLKS… this is another new Mango from us :3 READ AND ENJOY EVERY PAGE OF CUTE GIRL :x We already aim this manga mango from summer but yea we seems to realize it this month (coz the magz release it this month :x)

Ok I’m too lazy to update since I’m about to head for another class

anyway we are still looking for Typesetter and Japanese Translator. and Please Donate. We need it to buy tanko so you can see our release in HQ :)

That’s all! Adios

The Ruler of the Land Chapter 37

I wanna thank FudgeNouget, thanks to him this project now has a stable translator. This is the last chapter of volume 6, I thought this was a really good chapter; I’d recommend that everyone read this series. It’s a really popular manhwa in Asia, I’m not sure why it isn’t popular in the western world.

Ruler of the Land needs staff, more specifically a cleaner and a proofreader. If you’re interested, please apply!

Lastly, we need donations to buy the next few volumes and also to get the next volume of Sore wa Totsuzen, Unmei no Aite ga. If you enjoy either of these series, please think about donating to stop them from going on hiatus.

Minami-ke 101 and One-shot!

???? ??????????????????

The End of Minami-ke Volume 05

This release contains Minami-ke 101 plus a one-shot by Sakuraba Coharu. This concludes Minami-ke volume 05. I will continue to translate Minami-ke and will be moving onto volume 06 some time in the future.

I hope you enjoy this release, and I also hope you enjoy my super extensive and overly verbose translator notes. Consider coming to our channel on IRC to download the release and stuff.

Thank you for reading.

? Please purchase Sakuraba Coharu’s work if possible. Do not wait for localizations! Just hurry up and import Minami-ke or go to a local Japanese bookstore!!

Sekitou Elegy Chapter 30

Woot! It’s back after a long hiatus and I wanna welcome back Sekitou Elegy and its translator, Comyna. It sure was boring without her! Glad to have her back, and now we can get to work on Sekitou Elegy again. Not sure on the releases’ pace because the cleaner (Giga[NE]) for this series has gone missing, so we need someone to replace him. Apply today, photoshop wizards!

Please donate so we can acquire more raws so that your supply of tsunderes won’t be interrupted.

Ruler of the Land Chapter 36

Well, this chapter was a lot easier so I put it together quickly. It’s a fun chapter, go read it!

I know it’s only been 1 day but no one has applied yet (though we have 1 potential recruit). And yes, it is a lot easier to just sit back and wait for us to do all the work. It’s never good to do it that way, in any context. I just don’t want to hear any complaints about us being slow, unless you’re complaining about not getting enough assignments. It’s not that hard to learn typesetting. Or, if you have experience with Photoshop, you could easily jump into cleaning.

By the way, we have a lot of fun in IRC. Drop by and start a conversation with us. We aren’t THAT crazy.

Trinity 7 ch9

Oh, normal title huh? yea I’m bit busy with uni’s life so yea… enjoy the chapter :3 Arin is so cute <33333 (got a problem huh!!!)


1. Let’s Lagoon: got raw and stop bitching (tl process)
2.  Bloody Maiden: waiting next month raw
3. T7 : waiting for ch10 raw
4. dakara: waiting this month raw
5. 7sis : hard ass redraw be patient for sayonara chapter :3
6. zombie: tsing
7. Evergreen: damn no raws
8. NEW PROJECT as I mentioned on my previous post (tl process)

OH yea for you who wants to apply! We are still recruiting Typesetter and Japanese Translator (those 2 are most important now) Cleaner and Proof reader are welcome too but isn’t our first priority. Also Donate to help us improving our system.

Enjoy and comments are welcome



Ruler of the Land Chapter 35

Well its been a long time since we released a chapter for this series. We really had a hard time dealing with the names and places. I’ll try working on it a bit more, but you never know and some help would be nice.

This project like many others need help, if you have some extra time why don’t you try applying? Just send us an email to viscans@gmail.com.

Nowis if you read this, I’m looking for you. All your scripts disappeared, come give us a hand again.


More dropping and a “new” project

So first of all: Hi, long time no see.


2nd : Yawara is dropped, all ppl caring about it (yeah that’s basically cobalt and me…) have gone almost inactive. We’ll still support Happyscans! on it though.

3rd: We finally got someone to ts shinya shokudo chap 1, we were working on it since the end of july or something, but that’s how it goes if a group doesnt get enough new members and has enough that just dont give a fuck and run… But hey let’s be all be happy and enjoy ;)

As always: Apply! We fucking need dedicated(!!!!!!!!!!!) new members, Typesetters and Translators!!!


P.S.: I know the cleans aren’t top notch, more like the opposite, but i wanna get this released, so you better don’t mind :P

Sing Yesterday for Me Chapter 39

Hey guys, we have a release today, and its another interesting chapter. To all you syfm fans, come get it only on irc.


Group status report!

Okay, so we aren’t doing so well right now, we don’t have enough cleaners and typesetters to keep up a good pace. Active translators are the biggest problem. We just dropped like 4 projects and a bunch more are stalled. I’ll try to add what we need to the project pages. But if you notice your favorite project is slow, now you know why.

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