It seems like only yesterday when NCIS, the previous group scanlating Nodame, was disbanded. Not wanting such a great manga to go unscanlated, their former admin, the pint-sized Edward, approached our then-leader Oren and entered talks with him for the transferal of the project from one group to another. There were many concerns on our side which we duly raised, but Oren dismissed them all with the right of veto afforded to Viscans’ admins, all the while staring fixatedly at Edward’s prosthetic right arm. What resulted was a collaboration effort where the editing would be entirely handled by Edward, and Viscans would provide the translations, quality checking, and our name for which to release under.

However, as we had correctly predicted, problems materialized one after another. The majority we had expected, but some took us completely by surprise, such as the misplacement of the cleans for the first chapter due to Oren’s mismanagement. For reasons we can only speculate at, Oren tried to rectify his carelessness not by admitting his mistake and asking for a new batch of cleans–from either Edward or Viscans’ editors–but by hiding it and running to other, affiliated groups and bribing their editors with what we believe was a large quantity of Class-A drugs and prepubescent girls. The outcome of this deception was that the chapter invariably became stalled for an entire month and a half. Once the chapter was completed, Oren made an attempt to set up ShadowStorm, an old-timer from the annuls of scanlation history suffering from the rapid onset of senility–a malady which, remarkably, put him into people’s confidences,– as a fall guy by asking him to release the chapter in his stead. Had Oren succeeded, none of us would have been any the wiser and poor ShadowStorm would have borne the brunt of Edward’s rage. But it was bad luck for Oren that ShadowStorm experienced a rare moment of lucidity, whereupon he amended the credits page to acknowledge the correct people, and alerted the world to Oren’s request.

The wrath of a vertically-challenged person is a terrible thing to behold, and many were victimized by Edward’s flailing, metal limbs, some in ways best left unmentioned. His rampage was wild and indiscriminate, as the principle target of his rage was nowhere to be found. This was because Oren, through his many experiences of dealing with angry, two-timed lovers (of genders unknown), had forged and tempered to perfection the incredibly useful ability of never being in the wrong place at the wrong time. While this skill served him well, it was to the detriment of the rest of us, and in particular, to Nodame. Progress on the chapter could only proceed if Oren could hand over to Edward the translated manuscript for him to typeset, but their meeting would never take place, as men of small stature tend to hold grudges as equally as their, and Oren knew how to stay out of harm’s way. For had begun displaying symptons of an extreme fear of metallic noises. The instant someone dropped a coin, jangled their keys, had mock swordfights, put on tinfoil hats, or did anything that produced the resonant tone, he would give a sudden start, mumble that he was not feeling well, and hastily make his exit, often through the window. Two whole months passed this way until his nerves finally shattered from the constant din. For the sake of his own sanity, he announced that he was stepping down from his position, named no_comxxx as his successor, and exiled himself to a distant island, where he could rest and recuperate.

Oren had always been the secretive type, with his modus operandi being to work from the shadows, away from any prying eyes. No one harboured any illusions that this lack of transparency was not taken advantage of, and we all knew he made use of it to succour, bribe, and cajole his way into achieving his ends. So when no_comxxx took up the mantle, he found that he had inherited an administritive nightmare; very little was on file, and the majority of workers were either MIA, or kept correspondence to a minimum. Sorting out this bureaucratic headache would have been a momumental task for one man alone, but thankfully, through the tireless efforts of ZeroDC, Camui, and myself, the paperwork was done and dusted within a month allowing for the second chapter to be released shortly afterwards. In total, three months had been wasted due to Oren.

It was then, that we encountered a further setback: Edward had gone missing. And with him, the cleans for the third chapter. We questioned every acquaintance of his we knew of, but none could shed light on the circumstances surrounding his disappearance. Just as we were to give up all hope of finding him after searching for a month, we stumbled upon a witness–quiet by accident–who had seen him the night before he vanished talking to a pretty-boy of a man in blue military uniform and white gloves, the backs of which sported what appeared to be ritual circles used by satanic cults. The witness did not dare get closer, but they did manage to catch snatches of conversation. Quoted verbatim, they heard “…philoso…discovered intelligence…communists from…possible breakthrough…South Ameri…depart at first light”. We were uncertain as to what it meant, but one thing was clear: if communists were involved, and he had gone to South America, we weren’t going to be seeing him for a good long while. And so, the burden of scanlating Nodame fell entirely upon our shoulders.

Not one to be daunted, the indefatigable no_comxxx took it upon himself to edit the third chapter in Edward’s place, declaring it shall be released on a monthly basis. But alas, it was not to be. Soon after releasing the third chapter, no_comxxx, too, abruptly went missing. Just as we were about to conduct a search for him, hika, one of Oren’s ex-wives, came before us bearing grievious news of his untimely demise in a motorcycle accident. We did not know it at the time, but what had actually happened was that hika had kidnapped, bound and imprisoned him in a secret dungeon below her house before finally deciding to release him two months later. To this day, we do not know what happened in that basement during those two months or for what reasons she had committed this act. But considering that hika and no_comxxx knew each other well, we had little reason to doubt her, and thus lamented his death, and with a heavy heart, elected the efficient ZeroDC as our new leader. However, his existing workload was higher than what no_comxxx had endured, and the additional responsibilities that came with being a leader increased them further still. Consequently, he could not promise a chapter a month; instead, a chapter every two months was all he could manage. Frankly, though, it was a miracle he could have it done that fast, seeing how busy he was.

At long last, things looked to be going well, with chapter after chapter being released at a steady pace. Three chapters were released this way, and another was forthcoming when yet another calamity struck us. This time, it was pizzach, the Linux guru and translator of Nodame who left our number. Comissioned by the Yakuza to write software with which to exploit zero-day vulnerabilities, he had grown too knowledgeable on the ways of the Underworld, and realizing this, the Yakuza decided to silence him to prevent rival groups from engaging his services. Fearing for his life, pizzach fled cross-country via a convoluted and tortuous route and decided to lay low for a year or so, after which time the Yakuza would assume the skills he picked up would have become out-of-date and so call off the hit.

In the meantime, ZeroDC tried his best to locate a replacement translator, but everyone he asked lacked either the competency, desire, or time to work on such a project as Nodame. Seven months passed like this with no suitable translator to be seen, when hika, feeling guilt and remorse over the crime she had previously perpetrated on no_comxxx, and desiring to clean up the mess left by her ex-husband Oren, offered ZeroDC to translate the final three chapters of Nodame as her way of atonement. Thanks to this commendable act of redemption, work on Nodame was resumed and the chapters quickly released.