Ruler of the Land Chapter 32

Well it took forever to get this chapter ready, but we did it. I’ll try to add a batoto link later. Read Online

Credits… Raw Provider: Kajii, Translators: BakaHaze, Yuareloved, and Fuad, Cleaners: JohnnymanLee, elcausa, and  Zero, Proofreader: Raukcaran, Typesetter: Azuma, Quality Checker: ZeroDC, and eito.

We are still looking for a couple of translators… A Japanese and a French translator would be awesome.

Re: Our Previous "Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai 04" Release

As many of you probably know, our previous release had some possibly offensive material added to it.

We are aware of this issue, and are planning a re-release of the chapter (Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai 04) without the offending pages.

Our group as a whole did not condone the addition of such material to the release. But we do recognize that it was an error on our part to let such a thing happen.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we are working to resolve the matter quickly.

Read Online V2

Dakara ecchi ch04

ok, we still need your donation to speed up our raw shipping ;____; and to build up new server. (yea we promise you to get better download, even no watermark)

Like I said before, I’m not like Zero :) so enjoy the watermark and I’ll release the fixed version after I lo- feel like release it ^^^

That’s all and comments are welcome ;)

Sekitou Ereji ch25

Well I had to do something useful here for a change, Sekitou Ereji ch 25 is out grab it from irc trigger !se25

Trinity 7 ch06

Ok, for everyone who are hunger for 7 cute girls, here’s new chapter that u are waiting for :)

not much to say that we still wait the raw for this series, and thus we need your help by donating some of your fortune to us so that we can made some express shipping order. right now we are using slowest method…

We are still recruiting translators and Cleaners for many of our projects ;)

Comments are welcome

UPDATE: 51 Ways to save my Girlfriend ch44 v2 is out too

BIGGU NEWS!!! + Minami-ke 93v2, 95 + Sekitou Elegy 24 + Doctor Du Ming 10v2 + Family Compo 73v2

BIGGU NEWS!!! ZeroDC has decreed the end of the era of watermarks. So no more watermarks (at least not the really obnoxious watermarks that ZeroDC always puts RIGHT ON TOP OF KANA’S FACE IN MINAMI-KE).

Also, as you can see we’ve got five releases today, three of which are unwatermarked versions of previous releases.

However, although we have quit watermarking, we still have a hosting policy. This hosting policy is now slightly modified:

  • We now have a 1 day hosting policy for all our releases.
  • Exceptions to this 1 day hosting policy are Batoto and MangaFox.
    • Batoto has NO day restriction (0 day hosting policy),
    • MangaFox has a SEVEN (7) day hosting policy restriction.

Sucks to be MangaFox, I guess.

New Project: Kanade 01, and some others: Beijing Chronicles 04 + Unbreakable Machine Doll 06 (DROPPED)

  • Kanade 01 (New Project – no watermarks) Read Online
  • Unbreakable Machine Doll 06 (Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai 06 – no watermarks) Read OnlineDROPPED
  • Beijing Chronicles 04 (no watermarks) Read Online

BAD NEWS: We’re dropping Unbreakable Machine Doll (Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai) with the release of this chapter. If you don’t know what’s going on, there’s a previous post that will more or less explain why we’re dropping the series.

GOOD NEWS: We’re picking up this series called Kanade. I personally think the lead heroine has a cute character design………

BEST NEWS: Apparently these three releases today don’t have watermarks.

We’re recruiting translators and cleaners. Only the best, please.

UPDATE: Beijing Chronicles ch 2 is now availlable without watermarks too :)

seven sisters ch01 ;)

Ok good stuff we picked this one… seven sisters!!! I know you will like it ;).
the description can be read on

and yeah, as I promise, I’m going to put watermark after Bloody maiden release (although it’s not trinity 7) . And I’m not as softy as ZeroDC and Linksys who can give you actual date for releasing unwatermarked version. I just released whenever I feel like change the release (tho 100% depends on my mood).

We are still recruiting for more translators and Cleaners :) Apply!!!!!!!
Don’t forget to donate to us!! We promises you to get better download and no watermark!!! (for me, I’m not sure)

Note regarding of watermark: If you want us to lift the shitty watermark, go tell your every mangareader admin to come to our irc channel and pm one of the admin, we won’t do any shit like kicking you out of channel or something, we just need to talk. rather than bashing us on our site (it’s 100% useless for you really, and it won’t reach any conclusion there). I’m offering you a deal, and we don’t need your money,  just and only respect. well, if your admin is chikened to talk, I don’t blame them and we still doing thing on our favour if all of mangareader admin didn’t reach a deal with us.


Sekitou Elegy, 51 Ways, Minami-ke and 2 v2s

Quite many releases this time^^

with watermarks
– 51 Ways to save my girlfriend 44
without watermarks
– Sekitou Elegy 23
– Minami-ke 94
v2s without watermarks
– Minami-ke 92
– Sing yesterday for me 36

Enjoy!! (You will, i know ;) )

And if you can clean or translate: APPLY!! Especially cleaners we need…


Sex chapter 1

You want some sex? get it on our IRC chan ;)
Yes its th complete ch.1 with 150 pages :)

not much to say but ENJOY!

If you’re a cleaner or a translator: APPLY!

oh and we didnt watermark this one, since we decided to not watermark our less known series.

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