A Tribute to the Staff: Another Batch Release

<%Juiz> Latest Releases: 8: !eight8, Beijing Chronicles: !bc3, Beijing Chronicles: !bc6, Doctor Du Ming: !ddm7, Spas-Pa: !spas30, Trinity 7: !trin5, Unbreakable Machine Doll: !kswk3

Trinity 7 chapter 5 is a version 2, just some small grammar updates.

With these 7 chapters Viscans has released more than 100 chapters since February! \o/ That’s amazing progress compared to all of last year when we only had around 96 releases. Its all thanks to the awesome staff we have here at VI. They’ve all been working very hard and I thought this would be a great time to acknowledge them, Staff Page. All our staff may not be on that list but that doesn’t mean they aren’t hard-working, they are just new.

Any awesome translators out there, come join our awesome staff. We just finished 2 projects and want to pickup a few new projects. If you can’t join you can still help out by donating.

P.S. Get well soon, Dietre!

City of Light Chapter 9 END

Well its took us a while to finish 1 volume (lol), but we did it. Thanks go out to Pun Intended who came out of nowhere to finish this series. Come get it only in IRC, Also let me know what you thought of the final chapter.

Credits: Raw Provider: Scorpion, Translator: Pun Intended, Editor: eito, Proofreader: Psidragyn, Quality Checker: ZeroDC

Still looking for translators, I have a bunch of new projects I want to pickup…

Trinity 7 ch5

Errrr….. yeah… another… tiring day aka Lazy day >_>;;;;; /rant

back to topic again. nothing can’t describe this chapter except one word, EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don’t want to spoil you guys more just read the chapter ;)

also we are still looking japanese Translators for another new awesome series ( we have bunch of near ending series).
if you are interested, please apply at our gmail.  And we aren’t doing crap series fyi ;)

also Donate to us for helping ZeroDC getting his tankoubons so we can see more HQ stuff as always
comment are welcome


City of Light Chapter 8

Okay, only one chapter left and this series is complete aren’t you glad, clonic. Come get it, only in IRC.

Credits: Raw Provider: Scorpion, Translator: Pun Intended, Cleaner: Zwillinge, Proofreader: Psidragyn, Typesetter: eito, Quality Checker: ZeroDC

We are still looking for translators, please apply.

Bloody bloood real blood red blood ch4


anyway here’s next dose of your maiden in 1600 pixel ;) we decided to upscale the size coz Bigger is better ;)

Anyway enjoy your chapter and we still recruiting a translator for new series (details can be asked in gmail) and Nodame (this one is our top priority). also Typesetter ;____;

You can help also with donating to our RAW’s fund :)
Comments are always welcome

New Project: Family Compo, Plus Batch Release

Last week I saw someone do a small batch release, and I thought I want to do that too. So I gathered the staff and we worked on this. But I gotta say its rather annoying to do a batch release it just takes too long too many issues with the last chapters that are ready. Here’s what we released:

Family Compo Chapter 72, I’ve always wanted to see this one complete, kinda rushed, chapter 73 will be better.

Doctor Du Ming Chapter 6, last one that was completed, very rushed, if there are enough complaints I may do a v2.

Spas-Pa Chapter 29, good chapter, only 2 more after this one.

51 Ways to Save My Girlfriend Chapter 41, good chapter, you can sense the end is coming.

Beijing Chronicles Chapter 5, Where are all the ping pong fans?

Please comment if you enjoy any of these series….

We are still looking for translators, Nodame is still waiting for you. If you can’t translate but still wish to help you could donate to the raws fund.

City of Light Chapter 7

Well after a long wait, finally another chapter of City of Light. And I have no idea whats going on…

Credits: Raw Provider: Scorpian, Translator: Pun Intended, Cleaner: Jestdie, Proofreader: Andrewx7,  Typesetter: RelM, Quality Checker: ZeroDC

Its been like 4 hours since my last post why hasn’t anyone applied yet.


Delivery Chapter 6 END

Well I’m so glad we finally finished something. Its been a couple months since we’ve started working really hard and releasing almost daily. Woot, and it feels really good to finish a project. Please help me thank the staff for their hard work. Come get it only in irc.

Credits: Raw Provider: Jojo Da Crow, Translator: Comyna, Cleaner: elcausa, Proofreader: TsunTsun, Typesetter: eito, Quality Checkers: eito and ZeroDC.

We are still looking for translators for Nodame and maybe a new project!

Unbreakable Machine Doll Chapter 2

Well there was a big rush on this one, I’m not sure why. I think it might be popular with the staff especially a certain pervert called… Noah. An interesting chapter, it has it all, laughs and sexy women, what else could you need. But it ends on a cliffhanger… Don’t you hate it when they do that. Anyway Come get it, only in IRC.

Credits this time around: Translator: Dietre, Cleaner: Dekcah, Proofreader: TsunTsun, Typesetter: ZeroDC, Quality Checkers: Dietre and TsunTsun. Also big thanks to Elcausa and Noah for helping out with the double page.

Come one, come all, apply for the translator position and we’ll get Nodame Cantabile complete this year…

Let's Lagoon ch16

ok… dunno why I got hyped up working on this one… used too much resource… really, so make sure you thanks all the people on the credits page ;)

Yea, we still looking for the translator for this one but yea you have to be patience waiting for the raw to come out… (if you had notice the irregularity of our release) and please support the mangaka ;)

don’t forget to donate to us, any small penny u have will help us in the future
comment and enjoy!

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