Katsuko Working! c03



ok go go go go dl it!!!

and we need TRANSLATOR for this series :) APPLY!!!!

comment and enjoy

Spas-Pa Extra #4

\o/ Finally done with the extras, next up is chapter 24. Come get the new chapter at irc, just click on the irc channel tab, wait for it to load and type !spase4. Enjoy!


Hey you, we need some help, translators and cleaners send us an email to viscans@gmail.com and apply. Without you we cannot keep up the pace of daily releases.

Trinity Seven: The Seven Magicians Chapter 3

Alright guys, here’s your next dose of Trinity Seven.

I swear, it’s just another ecchi harem manga. It’s not even about magic anymore.

But whatever. I don’t think anybody minds anyway.

The trigger is !trin3. Gogogogogogogo.

Note: Noah, our main dude behind this project (as well as Let’s Lagoon and Katsuko Working!) is going to go on vacation from May 1 – 7, so I dunno. Whatever. Just wanted you to know.


Recruiting Cleaners and Translators! Seriously! Apply now! We have a bunch of proofreaders now, so we don’t need any anymore, but we need editors!

Especially for Ikoku Meiro! I need a lot of redrawers for it! I already have the raws to a few chapters after the second Volume (thanks elcausa), and I’d honestly like to continue it!

P.S. Donate so I can buy a new Wacom tablet please. Mention me when donating. Thanks.

Rurigaki Yoruko no Yuigon Chapter 2

Well, here’s our next daily release. If we get more workers for VI, we might be able to actually keep this up.

Not much to say, except that I removed the arasuji (for those who know what it is) because it spoiled way too much. I like it mysterious this way.

With that being said, I don’t think we have a solid raw provider for this series. That means, it will be extremely irregular, since we don’t have anybody to buy the raws and scan it themselves.

Whenever I can get a hold of the raws, I will do them.

Anyways, the trigger is !ruri2. Read it, and enjoy.


P.S. I am currently recruiting CLEANERS for Ikoku Meiro (both Croisee and Alice-chan). If you can help me out, I can get these chapters released much sooner than usual. Just send us an e-mail, or talk to me directly in #viscans.

P.P.S. I would like to buy a Wacom tablet for redraws and stuff, so if you could donate $5 or something to help me out, just do it via the Donations button on the right and mention me. Thank you very much.

– Sayori

Dakara boku wa, H ga dekinai ch01 and v2 (Updated)

hahaha while waiting for the raws got scanned, I and abcd starting this bimonthly ( i dunno ) manga!

So, yea enjoy this one!! ch 2 will be done once I got back from my trip next week.

and yea we still need A PROOFREADER!!!! cleaner and JP-EN Translator!! so APPLY!!!

comment are welcome!

Sorry, we found a missing page and some small errors so we are releasing a v2. Come get the new version on IRC. The new trigger is !dkbh1. Yeah, come get it, it’s an important page!

Edited by ZeroDC – 5/2/2011

Ikoku Meiro no Croisée – Partie 3

Okay, well since we’re doing Ikoku Meiro no Alice-chan anyway, I thought I’d just continue off Croisée from where Fate and Ivyscan left off.

The trigger is !croisee3 in #viscans of irc.irchighway.net. Have fun reading, and enjoy. I will be continuing it all the way up until the end of Volume 2, and then waiting for Volume 3 to go on sale.

I will release Ikoku Meiro no Alice-chan 2 sometime later on. If this Partie gets a lot of love for Yune-chan, I’ll do it.

– Sayori

Edit: Many people have been asking about where the Partie chapters before 3 are, and for those wondering: http://ivyscan.okyaku.org/?page_id=166

New Series! Dousei Recipe Chapter 14

Sorry I didn’t look hard enough and we used some old magazine raws. Well anyway this is the last actual chapter of volume 2. We are looking for staff (cleaners) for this series so please apply. Come get it at our irc channel, the trigger is !dr14.
The next couple of chapters are going to be a joint with SCX-Scans.

Sekitou Ereji Chapter 17

I’m back again, this time with Sekitou Ereji. This chapter is part 1 of a 2 part set… Well not too much to say besides Comyna, Hige, whatsnew, ReLM and I worked on this chapter, please thank them for their hard work. Come get the new chapters at irc, just click on the irc channel tab, wait for it to load and type !se17. Enjoy!

51 Ways to Save My Girlfriend Chapter 37

Hello, its a new chapter. Come get the new chapters at irc, just click on the irc channel tab, wait for it to load and type !kwh37. Enjoy!

In other news this project is in need of a translator, we are taking applications now.


Matsuri Special Chapter 20 (END)

Alright guys, here is the final chapter of Matsuri Special. Chapter 20.

I will be doing the Extra Chapter to wrap things up, and then that’ll be it. There is a Shigematsu Special available, but people would need to beg me for it before I bother doing it.

If you guys want me to do the Shigematsu Special and some other stuff after the Extra Chapter, root me on, and I might do it. Otherwise, I’m stopping after the Extra Chapter.

With that all being said, join #viscans and type !ms20. That’s the trigger. Enjoy the chapter.

Thanks to HeadlessCow for proofing it. Though, you’re a good week or so late ;o.

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