Yougen no Chi 15

And here is Yougen no Chi 15 as promised. As always, you can grab it by hopping onto our IRC channel, and typing !ync15.

We are still in need of translators, so if you are one, then please feel free to apply by emailing us at or hopping onto our IRC channel and sending ZeroDC a PM.

Hmm, so I spent an hour trying to think of what to write in order to pad out this release post, but failed. So instead, I will paste this funny convo I saw:

Ash: Professor Oak! Check out the new Pokemon I caught

Prof. Oak: Excellent news Ash! I’m always excited to update my Pokedex, let me see them.

Ash: I think this one might be a normal-type Pokemon.


Prof. Oak: Uhh Ash, that’s a dog.

Ash: Cool, a Dog!

Prof. Oak: No, that’s not a Pokemon, it’s just a common dog. Looks like a yellow-lab.

Ash: I don’t understand.

Prof. Oak: Dogs are animals, they don’t have special abilities like Pokemon.

Ash: You just haven’t seen them yet. Dog! Use speak-attack!

Dog: Woof, woof!

Prof. Oak: He’s just barking.

Ash: He knows growl and bite too. Dog! Go!

Dog: Grrr.

The dog bites Prof. Oak.

Prof. Oak: What the hell Ash! Dogs aren’t supposed to attack people.

Ash: You’re right, let’s set up a ring in the basement and I’ll battle your Dog against mine.

Prof. Oak: No! I’m not going to support dogfights. What else do you have to show me?

Ash: I caught a new flying-type Pokemon!

Chicken: Cluck, cluck, cluck.

Prof. Oak: …That’s not a Pokemon, that’s a chicken. How can it be a flying-type Pokemon if it can’t even fly?

Ash: Chicken is just a low level, it lays Pokemon eggs and knows peck though. Chicken! Use peck!

The chicken pecks Prof. Oak.

Prof. Oak: That’s super annoying! And those eggs are for breakfast.

Ash: You eat Pokemon for breakfast?! You monster!

Prof. Oak: I don’t think you understand. Pokemon are unique, they can perform powerful attacks, and are cool looking like Charizard or Onyx.

Ash: Oh, like this one? It has a duckbill, beaver tail, is covered in fur, and also lays Pokemon eggs.

Platypus: …

Prof. Oak: Again… that’s not a Pokemon, that’s a platypus. Ok, as a general rule, all Pokemon can say their own name. Like Bulbasaur or Squirtle.

Platypus: Platypus, plata-plata-pus-pus.

Prof. Oak: WTF?! I give up.


Chinatsu no Uta / Chinatsu's Voice – Chapter 31 Final Released

Hiya guys, my name’s Sayori and I’m (considered) a new member of VI Scans. Sort of. (In reality, I went on hiatus for almost a year and came back, but anyways.)

I’m basically the all-around girl for VI Scans that can do basically everything (from cleaning to TLing to QCing). For this release, I helped QC Chinatsu no Uta Chapter 31 for ZeroDC because he was a bit skeptical about QCing his own TS :D.

You guys can pick it up in our IRC channel at #viscans of (as always). I hope you enjoy it, and I hope that I can help rejuvenate VI Scans to its former glory (maybe?). Tell me how I did * 3*! Hugs and kisses are appreciated :3.

I also created a new Credits page for VI Scans. (Mainly because our credits page sucks, but don’t tell them that o .o.) What do you guys think? Isn’t it nicely done :D? If anybody’s wondering, it’s Reimu Hakurei, blue-toned.

Coming up next: Yougen no Chi Chapter 15. Will be released VERY soon. Hell, it’s already done. We’re just waiting for confirmation from our buddies at #shi-ki, since it is a joint project.

With that being said, Chinatsu no Uta is now fully scanlated; Chapter 31 is the final chapter. Leave your comments, and feel free to make any suggestions.

We. Still. Need. Translators. And of course any other help is appreciated as well. We only have like 2-3 cleaners at the moment = _=…

– Sayori

P. S. I’m planning on working with VI Scans to finish up the last volume of Matsuri Special. What’cha guys think? Should we pick it up? Has anybody read it before? Heard about it? Etc.?

Trinity 7: 7-nin no mahoutsukai ch1

Alright, Here we are again but with something new :)

the story is about a boy who got trapped into his own magic and try to save his childhood friend. pretty interesting and I Saw BOOBS there….

and yea we ADD OUR “BRO CODE” here so that you can respect the ppl who have been working hard to this manga.

Special thanks to ABCD9146 that willing to tl this awesome series :3

anyway Apply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( we still need Japan to english translators, and recruiting all position)

And Go Donate some of your money to Japan red cross to rebuild the country. (really its helping and its better than you spend your time reading at online mangareader site :p)

comments are welcome!

Loli Lagoon ch14 /jk

oK here we are and back on track again :3 latest chapter of let’s lagoon. Ignore the credits page but the team its there and please say thanks to them.

well yea… I’m not really sure to say this but I just want to ask all of mangareader out there not to put WATERMARK to our release and respect their xx time policy. If I see one of mangareader site gives watermark. then, I’ll start putting one on our release next time >_>….. and YEA DONT REMOVE THAT GODDAMN CREDITS PAGE.

enjoy your chapter! comments are welcome

Oh yea Let’s hope ZeroDC get better , He broke his left arm coz too much fa- EHeemm…. coz he got accident. well yea let’s all pray his arm fixed in one day so that I’m not doing his work x__X


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