Chinatsu no Uta 26

A new chapter of cnu is out! Go to IRC to check it out ^_^v

Kanojo o Mamoru 51 no Houhou 29

Here’s the last chapter of volume 3, I hope everyone enjoyed it. Go to irc to get it.

In more important news we need translators, without new staff most of our projects will become stalled. Please help us out.

Viscans is older by another year!!

It’s finally here! Our wonderful anniversary! I don’t know how old we are now, but it’s definitely more than 3 years since I’ve joined!

Firstly, I would like to thank all the staff member for their hard work, except LazyGamer of course, cuz he’s just too gay to be thanked for. Besides, who would thank a lazy person anyway? Everyone in Viscans, young and old, dead or not, such as Satoshi, Shadow, and Oren and many more. Thank you so much for all your super super hard work in bringing us releases from time to time, sacrificing your life and precious hours on mangas!

Okay fine, I shall be nice to LazyGamer and thank him too for all the hard work that he’s done, he’s currently the last remaining original Vi, which means he’s the only one left since we’ve founded the group. We thank you really, for all the mafia spams, the gay jokes that always refer to yourself, and also your laziness beyond belief. Above all else, we thank you LazyGamer for your one and only talent, mIRC scripting.

Now, I know that you guys are expecting stuff and 200 releases as according to our original traditions. I won’t tell you whether is there any releases or not, you have to find out for yourself! Just hop into our irc channel and find out! :D. Also, as the day goes by, you need to IDLE in the channel for more surprises! It’ll come as it is!

So once again, happy birthday to Viscans, and lets thank our perverted founder, Satoshi, who’s now missing in action. Thank him for founding this group! Without him, there won’t be us! And I definitely won’t be doing manga now (or so I think).

    Remember, tune in to our irc channel! AND STAY! :D

Update at GMT+10 5:30pm: More more ppl!
Update at GMT+10 6:30pm: One more chapter of sooomething has been released!
Update at GMT+10 10:24pm: Two more chapters has been released! As of now: Bokura 5 and 6, Addicted to Curry 66, and Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no houhou chapters 27 and 28! :D
Update at GMT+10 01:31am: Yesterday wo Utatte (Sing Yesterday for Me) chapter 33 has been released! :D
Update at GMT+10 02:38am: I SO NEED SLEEP; Here’s surprise number 1! A new series called Mizu to Gin! It’s about A man sees a girl with a raincoat on one day while he was playing his guitar in the streets. Later on the man meets the girl on the streets and he takes her home. All the chapters contains the same characters but each chapter focuses on a different set of characters. (Quote was from mangaupdates). And also… Zero Circle of Flow chapter 8! Enjoy!! :D
Update at GMT+10 03:00am: Here goes 3 more! Delivery chapter 4, Chinatsu no Uta chapter 25 and Fragments chapter 2! :D

Continue Idling and there’ll be a surprise! :D


Nodame 4!

ok guys, here’s nodame 4

comments are welcome :D

till we meet again

Let's Lagoon 11

Sorry for the lateness! I had a busy weekend. Here’s what you guys have been waiting for!! Enjoy! :D

Also, thanks to rawdistro for this chapter’s raw! Visit them at and also join their irc channel at #irc-distro @! :D

Hey guys, just sayin'

We thank you for waiting patiently for our releases.

But we’re alive too, and have lives just like you ^-^ Which means, we might release slowly. Please note that we are juggling many projects, and, being understaffed, we might not get to your favorite manga as soon as you’d like.

Also, being human, if people keep asking “WHERE’S ___!?” we’ll get irritated and less motivated. Which is obviously the opposite of what you want :3 (at least, ask nicely).

If you’re “tired of waiting” etc. please check out our other projects! ^_^v

P.S. I don’t clean or typeset O_o (I can, I’m just busy with testing and admin…ing.)

P.P.S. Dial-up sucks. Let me out of Japan :(

Dispatch!! 04 and Pineapple Army 04 – 300th Release

This is the first time I’ve made a post about a release, so I’m really excited and all.

We’ve released chapter four of both Dispatch!! and Pineapple Army.

If you didn’t know, Dispatch!! is by Kobayashi Hiyoko, and Pineapple Army is by Kudou Kazuya and Urasawa Naoki.

If you like these series, then remember the names of the creators and think of all the work they put into these chapters as you leech our scanlations of them on IRC.

Also, if you’d like, think of the work that our staff has put into the scanlation. But remembering the original authors is more important.

I’m out. Have fun reading the chapters.

Oh yeah, this was our 300th release! Wowzers!!!!!!


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