Sekitou Ereji 15

What? Another release? Woah, does this mean Viscans is going to go on another one month break to make up for all of this releasing work? Yeah, maybe, if none of you apply. So, what am I saying? Write to us at viscans_at_gmail_dot_com and apply.

Right, moving on, today’s newest release is Sekitou Ereji 15, one of the best mangas I have ever seen, this chapter is just as good as the rest, and I’m hoping it’s going to remain that way, If you haven’t read this yet, we’re only 15 chapters up, so go ahead and catch up, NOW. To those of you who do read it, I appreciate your taste in manga.

That said, once again, we need your help – Translators, cleaners, typesetters. These are the positions we are attempting to fill right now, no experience necessary. A sense of humor helps.

Enjoy the release.

Chinatsu no Uta 24

Yay another release, go to our irc channel to get it.

Pineapple Army 3

I hate making posts so here’s the next chapter of Pineapple army. Enjoy.

Oh also expect more releases.

Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou 26

It’s been a month since we last put out some 51 houhou, yeah. But, hopefully, we’ll start catching up on the releases board now. Well, we will if some of you apply. Anyway, here’s chapter 26 of your favorite earthquake manga. To the zero of you who have not seen the raws, there’s some pretty intense stuff in the next few chapters, so hold on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Applicants, we can be reached at viscans_at_gmail_dot_com. Also, please make sure you read the Join Us page, it’ll tell you waht position does what.

And finally, we don’t know what happened to no_comxxx either, we’re trying to contact those friends who told us he died, and hopefully we’ll get to the bottom of this pretty soon.

Enjoy the releases.

No_comxxx [11/8/1989 – 7/19/2010]. and Go! Tenba Cheerleaders 22.

There really isn’t a lot we can say right now, but, we have received word that our leader no_comxxx, will no longer be with us on this plane. These are times when one can never truly express all that they are feeling and when nothing made of words will make sense. On July the 19th, at 22:45 pm, no_comxxx left us all due to a biking accident. Our condolences go out to his friends and family, and to those friends who took the time to inform us of what happened to no_comxxx.

Goodbye, no_comxxx, thank you for all that you have done, and for always being there to help out, no matter how stupid the question or how simple the task, you might be gone, but no one at Viscans shall ever forget you, and we will always miss you.

Rest in Peace, and Hallowed be thy name.

– The Entire Staff of Village Idiot Scanlations.

November 1989 – July 2010

Redacted till further notice

We also released Go! Tenba Cheerleaders 22. Please do try and apply, we need all the staff we can get.

IRC Download Guide

Downloading VISCANS Releases (

What is IRC?

"Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a form of real-time Internet text messaging (chat) or synchronous conferencing. It is mainly designed for group communication in discussion forums, called channels, but also allows one-to-one communication via private message as well as chat and data transfers via Direct Client-to-Client." (Wikipedia)

To put it simply, IRC is intended to be used for chatting in groups but allows for data transfers. This is important to know as VISCANS is an IRC-based scanlation group---we distribute our releases via IRC.

For those of you who already know how to use IRC, the VISCANS IRC channel can be found at If you do not know how to use an IRC client, please read on.

There are two ways to access the VISCANS IRC channel: either by using the IRC Java Applet, or by using a standalone IRC client.

The IRC Java Applet

One of the ways to access the VISCANS IRC channel is to use the IRC Java Applet. This is a full-fledged Java-based IRC client that loads within your browser and supports Direct Client-to-Client (DCC) transfers. If you are not a regular user of IRC or do not wish to use IRC on a regular basis, the Java IRC client is probably the way to go.

IRC Clients

There are several popular standalone IRC clients. This guide will cover several IRC clients for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.



mIRC is a popular IRC client for Microsoft Windows operating systems. I use it.

The first step to setting up mIRC is to download the client ( Use the executable installer to install the client to any location on your computer that pleases you. To open the client, run mirc.exe.

Since this is the first time you've run mIRC, a small window titled mIRC Options should appear. Fields boxed in red need to be filled in.

Initial mIRC Options Window

The initial mIRC Options window. Make sure you have "Connect" selected on the tree menu on the left.

All fields (Full Name, Email Address, Nickname, Alternative) should be filled with something. However, do not put your real full name or real email address---just put whatever you want in those two fields. The email address does not need to be valid.

As for Nickname and Alternative, this refers to the IRC nickname (and alternative nickname if someone is using your set nickname) that you will appear as when you connect to IRC servers. Try to use an unoffensive but unique nickname, and enter an alternative as well. If you do not understand the nickname concept, think of it as your IRC screenname.

Next, select Servers on the tree menu on the left, and locate the IRCHighway folder icon, and select IRCHighway: Random server.

mIRC Options - Servers

The Servers dialog. As this is a guide to connecting to the #VISCANS channel, the server shown here is for connecting to IRCHighway.

After you've selected IRCHighway: Random server in the Servers dialog, select Options from the tree menu on the left. The options here can be enabled or disabled at your discretion.

mIRC Options - Options

The Options dialog. The selections outlined in red here are actually optional settings.

Checking Connect on startup means mIRC will automagically connect to IRCHighway ( the next time you run mIRC. In the Perform window, you can set mIRC to automatically perform a command. In the image above, setting /j #channel means that mIRC will automatically join #channel when connecting to the IRCHighway network. If you want, you can add /j #viscans to your IRCHighway perform.

After you've finished configuring mIRC's connection settings, the next thing to do is to actually connect to the IRC server. Press OK to close the mIRC Options window. Then, press the lightning-bolt icon on the mIRC toolbar.

The "Connect" button

The lightning-bolt icon on the mIRC toolbar. This is the "connect" button.

Assuming the IRCHighway IRC servers are not down, you should be connecting to or connected to the IRCHighway IRC network. If you followed the optional instructions regarding the "Options" dialog, you should automatically have joined the #VISCANS channel. If not, type /join #viscans (or /j #viscans) in the IRCHighway server window to manually join the channel.

The following steps can be found by going to the Downloading from IRC section.



If you are using Linux, I will be assuming that you are at least fairly comfortable with setting up and using new software. In fact, you probably already know how to use Irssi or any other number of IRC clients for Linux. Why are you reading this?

Irssi is an IRC client that was intended to be used for Unix-like operating systems.

The first step to using Irssi is to download either the source code (if you are a masochist and wish to compile yourself) or the binaries (why would you not download the binaries). Specific instructions for different Linux distros can be found at the two previous links.

The next step, of course, is to figure out how to use Irssi yourself by glancing through the Irssi documentation (explaining usage of Irssi is beyond the scope of this guide, and the Irssi website has detailed documentation). Once you are comfortable with using Irssi, proceed to the next step.

Now, you can either follow this particular section of the Irssi documentation, or issue the following commands with Irssi in its default state:

/join #viscans

Irssi has two similar-looking commands: /server and /connect. The difference between these two is that /server will connect to in the current open network connection (and thus disconnect you from the network that you were connected to). On the other hand, /connect will create a new network connection and will not disconnect you from any other IRC networks you are connected to.

The following steps can be found by going to the Downloading from IRC section.

Mac OS (X-Chat Aqua)

X-Chat Aqua

X-Chat Aqua is an IRC client for Mac OS X. It uses XChat's IRC engine, but has an Aqua interface.

The latest X-Chat Aqua version can be downloaded from SourceForge. Once you've installed X-Chat Aqua, the first thing to do is run it.

Next, follow this Quick Start Guide. The Server List window can be accessed by clicking on the File menu item at the top and selecting Server List.

Instead of connecting to OzNet as the guide does, connect to IRCHighway. If IRCHighway is not listed in the Networks list, then click Add to add to the list as IRCHighway.

Next, X-Chat will ask you to join a channel. Select the radio button for Join this channel: and input #VISCANS into the field.

You should now be connected to #VISCANS on the IRCHighway IRC network.

The following steps can be found by going to the Downloading from IRC section.

Downloading from IRC

Great, you're connected to the VISCANS IRC channel. You probably want to download VISCANS scanlations now, but do not know how.

If you are looking for VISCANS' new releases, there will be a number of triggers in the #VISCANS channel topic. If you somehow missed the channel topic when you first joined the channel, you can display the channel topic again by typing:

/topic #viscans

Triggers are prefixed by an exclamation point, and should be typed into the #VISCANS channel. Doing so will trigger a response from one of the VISCANS bots.

For example, you may be looking to download chapter 14 of Sekitou Elegy, and notice that in the topic is a string of text: Sekitou Elegy 14 - !se14. The !se14 is of interest as it is a channel trigger for one of the bots in #VISCANS. Typing !se14 into the channel window will trigger a response from a bot. In this case, !se14 is the command to tell the XDCC bot named Wrath in the channel to push a DCC transfer to your IRC client. Depending on how your IRC client is configured, you will most likely be asked whether to accept the send or not.

However, if you are looking for older releases for which their triggers are not listed in the topic, you will need to request a pack listing from one of the XDCC bots in the channel.

In general, the way to request a pack-listing from an XDCC bot is to by messaging said bot with the following syntax:

/msg fooBot xdcc list

VISCANS' two main XDCC bots are named Wrath and Torako. So the commands you would use to request these two bots' pack lists would be:

/msg Wrath xdcc list
/msg Torako xdcc list

It is advised that you issue commands such as /msg from the IRCHighway server window, and not the #VISCANS channel window as it a common error is to accidentally issue the command as a channel message instead of as a command to your IRC client.

However, Wrath and Torako do not issue pack listings via IRC notices like many other XDCC bots. Instead, they ask you either to view their pack lists at a website, or to "Wait for public list in the channel". Their pack lists can be found at the following locations (also accessible via hyperlinks on the right menu under Links:):

Pack lists are a listing of the XDCC bot's packs (or files). So how do you get the file that you want?

The first thing to do is to locate the file you want. For example's sake, I want to download GO!_Tenba_Cheerleaders_ch01_[VISCANS].rar from Wrath. The entry looks something like this:

#589	583x	15M	GO!_Tenba_Cheerleaders_ch01_[VISCANS].rar

The information in the above that is important to you is the first number which is prepended by a number sign (#). This first number is the pack number for the file. To tell the bot (in this case, Wrath) to send you the file, you would use the following command:

/msg Wrath xdcc send #589

This will tell Wrath to push pack number 589 to your IRC client (a fancy way of saying "to send pack number 589 to you").

For future reference, the general syntax for XDCC gets is as follows:

/msg fooBot xdcc send #<packnumber>

Assuming you've configured your IRC client properly, the XDCC bot you requested a pack from should be sending you the requested pack. However, if you should so-happen to encounter any problems, feel free to ask for help in the #VISCANS channel.

Now Recruiting Proofreaders

Grammar Nazis and the like may now apply! :D Actually, many of our projects were being held up because there weren’t enough proofreaders… help is very much appreciated. Kwh, Addicted to Curry, City of Light, Chinatsu no Uta, Let’s Lagoon, Pumpkin Scissors, and Green Hill all urgently need proofreaders.

All other positions are recruiting as well, please read the About Us/Join Us for job descriptions and tutorials (in case of editing). Proofreaders must have at least basic grammar knowledge, and please note that your understanding of English may be judged on your application letter.

Application format is at the bottom of the About Us/Join Us page. Thanks in advance! <3

NOTICE: NEED KOREAN TRANSLATORS for G-school, Nina Jalhae, and Zero: Circle of Flow. Please apply, or these will be put on hiatus!

Bokura 4!!

It’s time for bokura 4! We had a mini break =X. Things will start again. I promise :).

Meanwhile… We need staff pls?


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Our goal this month is $45.

Thank you for helping us reach our goal, it's thanks to your contributions that we can continue to bring you quality releases!

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Overall Positions Needed!

  1. Japanese Translator: High

  2. Proofreader: CLOSED

  3. Cleaner: Normal

  4. Typesetter: Experienced only

These projects need staff ASAP!

  1. Valkyrja Engine needs: Translator