Addicted to Curry 64 and Kanojo o mamoru 51houhou 24!!!

we ARE ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! err nope…>_> <_<

ok here’s the new chapters from those titles :3 have fun AND APPLY TO BE THE ONE OF OUR MEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!! WE are currently in need of editors, proofreaders and JAPANESE TRANSLATORS!!

comments are welcome :)

hikari no machi (Asano Inio) 5 :D

so yea long awaited hikari no machi is here….

*sneezes* damn cold is not getting away from my body… and yeah help me continuing this series with applying as japanese translators, proofreaders and editors…

btw, comment are welcome :D

ps: we will do a v2 for nodame coz pizzach thinks the tl looks crappier…

Nodame – Opera hen 2!!!111

here’s long awaited nodame 2

I know its been an ages but we still doing it!! if u want to see nodame release more, PLEASE APPLY!!! we are still in needs of jap translators, editors, and proof readers…

comments are welcome :)

ps: Let’s Lagoon ch10 won’t be appear on next issue so please wait… we will bring it back in June :D

let's lagoon 9, syfm 32, bokura 1-2, Fragments 1!!!1 and more………….

ok its been awhile since I came here…

really this released was inspired by satoshi, our lost founder!! when he said “WOOOT, THERE’S NO F*CKING RELEASE IN 3 WEEKS!!!!”. ” GET UR SRY ARSES TO WORK!!!”… Seriously that was inspiring entire staff ( only me but yeah T__T ) and not forgot to apply guys… seems we already caught serious disease. its name is ” lack of staff ” disease. We desperately looking for any position especally japanes translators and editors. APPLY if you want more release!!

comments are welcome :)

ps: ignore those toshi shout ^^ and toshi we all love you!!

Oh, Okay.

Hello. You probably have no idea who I am, but I work here. Pizzach and I have developed a new look for the Viscans website. A news post from like 10000 years ago mentioned something about a “V2 COMING SOON” or something like that, but it actually took us forever to actually start working. You can thank pizzach for that.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Frontend: Linksys
  • Backend: pizzach + Linksys

That’s it, I guess. Let us know if anything is retardedly broken. We’ve let the new design go live a little early because we are impatient, so there’s likely to be problems here or there.

Edit: If you see any problems with the layout (for example, if some element of the design is clearly misplaced or things are exploding in your face) and you want to let us know, please indicate what web browser and operating system you are using.

Site has been tested in: Internet Explorer 6, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome 3, Google Chrome 4, Google Chrome 5, Safari 3, Safari 4, Firefox 1.5, Firefox 2.0, Firefox 3.0, Firefox 3.5, Navigator 9, Opera 7.54, Opera 9, Opera 10. By construction, compatibility in several of the mentioned browsers means compatibility in other less-used browsers that happen to share the same layout rendering engine.

Basically, if you find an error in layout in any of the browsers mentioned above, that means pizzach and I haven’t been doing our job. If you find an error in a browser not mentioned and wish to report it, please give us the browser’s name and the version of the browser you are using. No, we haven’t tested the site with screenreaders and no I will not support bad/old *nix browsers like Dillo.

Edit 2: For those of you into that sort of thing, commenting has been restored to the Projects and Staff Members pages. There have also been a few (minor) modifications to the design, and other small things to come. Also, I don’t really think anyone cares but I mentioned those things anyway.


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