Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no HouHou 17

Ok, so we’re slowing down on the release board again, and as always it’s because of disappearing staff. I’m not asking for much, just one or two reliable staffers is all I’m asking for, and hopefully, I’ll find them.

Now, if you’re thinking “this guy is such a dick, he thinks we all know how to edit but just don’t want to”, well, I’m not. And if you’re thinking “I can help, if you can teach me”, then, go down to irc and actually talk to us, we’d like to see some dedication from those of you who wish to be trained by us.

Anyway, chapter 17 of KwH is out, this chapter provides relief and foreshadowing, read it yourself to find out what I’m hinting at.

As always, we’re in need of serious help, so please join up!

’til next time.

Lets Lagoon 6

Ok, because we’re all about giving you, the readers, what you want, here’s chapter 6 of Lets Lagoon. Why the delay? I became busier than usual and had to go away for a while, that, and we lost staff yet again, so help fill up the ranks and you might see chapter 7 out soon. Anyway, the actual chapter… well, those of you who found the raws will all already know it, so I’m not going to spoil it for those who patiently waited for us to get it out. Read and Enjoy!

We are now looking for editors, cleaners, typesetters and translators, JOIN!!1


Kanojo wo mamoru 51 no houhou 16

Carrying over from the dramatic ending of chapter 15, here’s chapter 16. Nothing else to say, my mind is blank, so… err… enjoy the rlease, and consider helping out, we need you.

Till next time.

Go! tenba cheerleaders 18

Ok, now some of you might be thinking we’re well in over our heads with all the new stuff. Well, we’re not… not completely, anyway. Morerecruits could help prevent said situation from occurring, so, JOIN!

Anyway, just a heads up, but there’ll be more new stuff to come, along with our regular series, and following that line of thought, here’s Go! tenba cheerleaders 18!

Enjoy the chapter, recruits are welcome!

Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no houhou 15

Here we are with Chapter 15 of KwH 15, the action never stops with this manga, and neither does the drama. But I won’t say anything more, read on and find out. Also, we are looking for japanese to english translators and typesetters and cleaners. If you show up on irc and convince us that we ought to teach you how to edit… we just might take you in.

’til next time.

Otaku no musume san 29

Ok, here we are with onm 29, Thank cursed-seal for qcing it. Not much time to say anything else. Enjoy, enjoy enjoy.

Need editors and translators for faster releases. join up.


We finish with Code-Ex

It’s been long overdue, but we’ve finally made it here. The last chapter of Code-EX. The chapter ties up all loose ends, and leaves a lot of things for open discussion… or so I feel. Anyway, that’s all I can think of for now, so >_>

Also, we’re still looking for japanese to english translators, and cleaners and typesetters. Apply, apply, apply.

’til next time.

New Project! (Yeah, it's a fad now)

Ok, a little history before the actual stuff. Some of you may be quick to point out that which scanlations has listed this manga as an active project, and question why we “stole” it. I’m going to try and explain it here. Basically, we’d been wanting to do this series for quite some time now, and were cosnidering jointing with NCIS to do it. However, shortly after, NCIS broke up due to internal strife, and that idea died there. However, we were still interested in this manga, and decided it to work on it all the same. Why didn’t we joint with which? because we had no idea that they were going to do this, and when I found out, it was already too late, because I had the chapter ready for qc. Jointing then, would have undermined my team’s efforts, and that is why we didn’t do it. We’ll see how it goes from here.

And now, the new series, Sing Yesterday for me by Toume Kei, the same mangaka as hatsukanezumi no jikan (it was when we scanlated HnJ that we though about doing SYFM). It’s not a new series or anything, so I’ll skip the foreshadowing and get right to the more info link. Go -> Here

That should do it. Also, we’re still looking for cleaners, typesetters, and Japanese to English Translators and chinese to english translators as well.

Join up, we could do with some new blood!

Enjoy the release.

Sekitou Ereji 5

Here we are with chapter 5 of Sekitou Ereji 5 (There you go, Anon, no more elergy), the romance between the two hits a new high, and there’s plenty of hilarity to boot. The plot development makes this one of the best stories ever told, and I would urge all of you to read this manga. Anyway, we might be putting out more releases today, so look forward to that.

Still in a dire need of editors and translators, please apply if you have the time and the skills, also, please note that we are no longer in a position to teach people, so please do not apply and ask us to teach you from the ground up.

Enjoy the release.

New Project (Seriously), Happy Birthday Amit and Shax.

Yeah, unbelievable, isn’t it? Anyway, you’ll have to thank (or hate) Spectre for this one, and it’s all part of our “Expanding the horizons” thing, Hope you guys enjoy it, and maybe think about checking out some of our other projects as well. Anyway more information on this project can be sought here.

Also, We’d like to wish long time staffer Amit, and dedicated editor Shax, a very happy birthday, They’ve both contributed immensely to Viscans, and we are glad that they joined us.

Moving on, I might release something else later on, so keep your eyes open.

And finally, we’d like to stress that we’re in need of reliable staff. Especially typesetters, cleaners, and translators.  Please apply if you have the time, we need you.

That’s all for now.

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