Well, as you guys are seeing around here, the site is getting neater and neater day by day. So keep checking in for more. Just to clarify, the projects that we have dropped are: Era of Death, Hatsukanezumi no Jikan, Mr. FullSwing and Zokusei. NOTHING ELSE IS DROPPED. Check the projects page if you don’t believe me. XD. If you can’t find our releases, you should know where to look right? ._. Okay, I should be studying. ><. Bye for now~ -ANo|NTeD PS: Also, for you lazy bums, there's an IRC Client under "IRC Channel". ._. How lazy can you get? It's xdcc-able.

Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou 14

Here we are with chapter 14 of the awesomeness that is Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou. I’d like to add here that most of our projects need reliable staff to ensure continued regular releases, so if you’re interested, please apply. We are seeking cleaners, typesetters, translators and quality checkers for various seinen and josei projects, and our existing ones. If you’re interested, we urge you to apply.

I’d add a bit of funny here, but I’m too tired. So, later. Enjoy the release.

Go! Tenba Cheerleaders 17

Ok, here we are with chapter 17 of Go! Tenba Cheerleaders. Nothing much to say… looking for reliable help, apply if you can, we need all the help we can get.

Looking for:
Typesetters, Cleaners, Translators and Quality Checkers. Apply!

‘Til next time.

Sekitou Elegy 4

Continuing with Satoshi’s saga, we have chapter 4 of Sekitou Elegy. This chapter is funny as always, This manga is awesome, we all love it, and if you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you do. Anyway, enjoy the chapter.

Still looking for help, seeing as the better part of the new recruits who applied last week are gone already. Looking for a Japanese translator, A Raw Provider, editors, and a quality checker.

Apply, it really helps.

Comments would be nice too ;)

Dispatch 2

Again, after 2 months or so, we have a new chapter of Dispatch. I like how this is starting to turn out, so stay tuned for more… assuming I find enough editors.

Well, we’re still in a severe need of editors, most of the ones who joined us last week, are gone already =/, so yeah, if you have the time, and are interested in giving back to the community, shoot as an e-mail.

Enjoy the release.

Lets Lagoon 5 v2

You’d think I’d have learned from satoshi… qcing at 6 am is bad, but apparently I haven’t. so whatever. We’ve released a v2, if you’re too lazy to re-download, here is the fix: FIX

Replace page 14 in the release with the fix, and you’re all done.

Also: Liquidflux ftl.

Lets Lagoon 5

After… a week? Here we are again, with Lets Lagoon, so you may all be wondering what’s going to happen after the dude caught a glimpse of them dry humping or whatever, well, I’m not going to tell you, just read it.

Also, still looking for a raw provider, and more translators and editors and quality checkers. So we can get those mangas out sooner. Contact us via email.

Otaku no Musume san 28 (Finally, yes)

Ok, so, after a humongous number of “blame satoshi”-s, here’s chapter 28 of Otaku no Musume-san, why the delay? Well, technically, you can’t complain, we gave you 3 chapters in a row last time! Ok, no, this time we mainly lost out due to losing the cleans the first time around, along with a large section of our raws, and as always, disappearing staff. If you want to help us get back out releases faster again, feel free to join us!

We are now looking for:

1) A Raw provider

2) A chinese to english translator, a korean to english translator, and a japanese to englis htranslator.


Send in your applications to viscans_at_gmail_dot_com [Replace _at_ with @ and _dot_ with . ]

Until next time!


PPS – Wanted, Dead or Alive, Oren.

Hikari no Machi 3

It’s been forever since I was last here… but this isn’t about me, so lets move on to what we have for you today. Chapter 3 of  Hikari no Machi in HQ, I know we don’t really have a defense for the 4 month gap between chapter 2 and 3, but you’ll be pleased to know we’re going to be doing some catching up on that front. Also, I’d like to point out that most of the releases are only being held back because we don’t have adequate staff, we are looking for a korean/chinese/japanese translator and a few editors, along with a quality checker.

We also need a raw provider, so if you can help us out with any of these things, contact us via e-mail or IRC.

Anyway, here’s chapter 3 of hikari no machi… quite darker than what we usually put out, but an interesting plot line nevertheless, for those of our readers not acquainted with this manga, I highly recommend you give it a shot.

Comments would be nice, good or bad.

Until Next time.

Atashi wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai chapter 1 v2

…Yeah. this is why you don’t release at 5 am, well, this v2 is because I used a wrong page in the release. You can find the v2: here Or you can just download the page here

The page in question is page 19 in the release.


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