Go Tenba Cheerleaders 16!

No, we did not drop this, we just didn’t have people to work on this, and still don’t. Anyway, after a month or so, here’s your latest GTC fix, plenty of ecchiness in this chapter, so enjoy enjoy enjoy.

Now that that’s out of the way, time for a little rant…

The staff have all surely noticed, but some of you(read: all of you) may be out of the loop, so I’m going to put the cards on the table. Viscans is ridiculously short-handed, and has been for months. We haven’t had recruits in over 2 months, and things are slowing down very badly, We aren’t getting any hits from our recruitment pages or these rants, so I have no idea why I’m doing this, maybe I just have too much faith.
Before, we were getting some people that were evidently not dedicated and left without doing anything, these days, we don’t even get those, heck, we get nothing at all.

We’re awesome, we’re all extremely attractive and have something that resembles a dangerous sense of humor. There isn’t anything not cool about being a Viscans staffer, and yet no one comes around anymore.

This is starting to make us feel all inferior and junk, what’s the deal? does everyone only want to join speed scan groups these days?

So, what I’m saying here is, WE NEED YOUR HELP! Know someone who knows japanese? get them to join us! have time and want to give something back to the community? Join us!

Anyway, that’s all I had to say… enjoy your release.

Sekitou Ereji 2, and 200th release!

We’ve hit yet another milestone again! Our 200th release, and because I’m a biased asshole, I chose to release the only project I was interested in!
…Ok, no. Truth is, The lack of staff makes my choice of releases pretty 50-50-ish, and this is not a situation I particularly like… so, help us!

Anyway, Sekitou Elegy… this series is probably one of my most favorite series, the comedy is just awesome, and the characters are people you can actually feel for. Anyway, enjoy the chapter. I know I did… and don’t expect any quick releases of any other project… I’m the only qcer, and my life is turning into football practice and exams, and no one is really applying anymore, so… =/

Also, the awesome recruitment page, the base and almost 90% of everything on it is thanks to Akuma-no-mi-bu so, visit the site if you can, and thank the artist.

A always, in need of staff. Until next time.

Lets Lagoon 3

Ok, here it is… after almost a month… Lets Lagon, chapter 3. Look for a breakthrough in this chapter, and some vieled comedy. Anyway… why are we taking so long with releases of manga X?

Because we’ve lost a majority of our staff, and I can’t dedicate time to cover all the bases anymore, so if you want faster releases of anything… you can help by joining us. We need:

2 Quality Checkers
1 Chinese translator
2 Japanese translator (We have some new series we’re trying to get off the ground, something we can’t do without help.)
2 editors.

If you can help us, please apply. We can be reached at viscans@gmail.com

Enjoy the chapter.

We're done with another project!

Been awhile since I’ve posted, but contrary to what Oren may have said… I am not yet dead. Well, anyway, here’s the final chapter of Saitama Chainsaw Girl, in awesome quality.  Get it from our IRC-channel =)

Also, we’re looking for Translators and Editors to get to work on some of our new secret series, so if anyone could help out, it’d be much appreciated.

Until next time (Yes, it’s corny)

Caffe Occult 14

Chapter 14 of Cafe Occult, now… IRChighway’s having some stability issues, but they seemed to have become a lot more stable, so Im releasing this now. Also, I may have ogtten lazy on tis chapter at some points, but… it’s your fault :P

I’ve got very less time on my hands and I don’t see any new applicants, so :/

Anyway, recruiting japanese translators and chinese translators for various series and possible new ones. Apply.

Enjoy the chapter.

Kanojo o Mamoru 51 no Houhou Chapter 12

Chapter 12 of your favorite earthquake manga :D


Looking for help – Editors and translators.

Download stuff via the IRC Channel page. Type !kwh12 to download.


We need help.

New Project Time!

So, we’re at that time again where we pick up something new and usher it into the scanlation world. And this time, it’s Sekitou Ereji. This could probably be one of my favorite projects… seeing as it’s unique in many aspects… I mean, for once, the characters actually look asian instead of idealized westerners. So yeah, more info on this manga can be found here.

Also, because enough of you have complained about us not putting up links and stuff to our releases… we’ve revamped our website IRC client.  What this means to you is, you can now download your favorite manga immediately upon release. Make sure you swing by the IRC Channel page to give it a whirl.



Spas-Pa, some news.

Ok, here’s the next installment in the spas-pa series… now this is an Extra from the new volume. It’s vital that these extras be scanlated because they span around 90 pages in volume 5 and are related to the chapters that follow them.

Anyway, I know I promised some new releases for ya’ll, but well… we’re missing 80% of our staffers and this has, well, caused a lot of problems. We’re desperately looking for dedicated staffers (as in, those who wont run away after 2 days), to help us out. What we need are chinese and japanese translators and editors to pick up the pace again. So if you have the time and the know how, or know someone who does, APPLY/GET THEM TO APPLY.

We can bereached at viscans@gmail.com or on our irc-channel. (refer to the IRC channel page)



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