Kanojo o Mamoru 51 no Houhou Chapter 11

No, we didn’t all die from a sudden illness. Well, maybe Satoshi. Anyway, We’re back! and now that I’m done with my exams, and since the horrible weather here prevents me from going outside, I’ll do as much as I can to bring out more chapters for ya’ll.

Anyway, chapter 11 of Kanojo o Mamoru 51 no Houhou for your reading pleasure.  Also, I know a lot of you think we’re dicks because we almost never upload chapters and provide links (and this won’t be chaning anytime soon), so I’m going to do you one better and upgrade that flimsy webchat client so you can download stuff. So until then, learn to irc!

Moving on, I want to thank all the readers and leechers and lurkers for making the anniversary thing a success.

And finally, we need your help! :D

We currently require:

A dedicated chinese translator

2 dedicated editors

2 japanese translators

and for the first time ever, a quality checker.

We can be reached at viscans@gmail.com or on our IRC channel.


Otaku no Musume San Chapter 27!

Yes, It’s here, as promised! Major thanks to Kemm, Blaze, France, crystalsouls, and wrldtrvlr for helping in keeping people on the channel, you guys rock, enjoy your chapter.

Umm… I’ll get the other chapters out later… but, I most likely won’t be able to release them myself, in which case another admin will take over.

Now, we’re yet again in a desperate need of staff, editors and translators(chinese or japanese), and if you want to see more otaku no musume san and other mangas, please apply, we’d like to wrap up a few of them, and we need your help to do it.

Enjoy the chapter, comments are welcome.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VISCANS! Anniversary Mass release Part 1

Ok… Like it says up there, we are now 1 YEAR OLD, speaking as the group founder, I have to say, it gives me great joy to see that we didn’t die out and kep going, and were finally able to achieve this milestone. Of course, none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the people behind the scenes, the awesome staffers over at VISCANS.  You guys rule! (Even you, lazygamer), I’d like to thank them all for their dedication, their readiness to put up with some of my less smarter decisions, and for being the great bunch of guys that they really are.  I’d also like to thank retired staff members Judaki and Linksys, both of whom took the time out to stop by and celebrate this moment with us, thank you. Also, A big thank you to all our readers, you guys are the reason we still find it in us to continue scanlating. And to those of you who still read the things on this website, thank you too. And lastly, a big thanks to everyone on our IRC channel, and our regular chatters, you guys are awesome too. Well… onward to the releases!


The longer you idle on our IRC Channel, the quicker the next batch of releases, and hence, more chapters for everyone!

Batch 1: (IRC download commands are given next to the chapter)

note: by replacing the “!” with “.” you can download the chapters from our secondary bot, Torako.

1) Otaku no Musume san 26 – !onm26 [250 channel members ==> we’ll release chapter 27]
2) Yougen No Chi 12 – !ync12
3) Let’s Lagoon 2 – !ll2
4) Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no houhou 10 –  !kwh10 [290 channel members ==> we’ll release chapter 11]
5) Code-Ex 11 – !code11
6) Dispatch!! 1 – !dsp1
7) Go! Tenba Cheerleaders 15 – !gtc15 [325 channel members ==> we’ll release chapter 16]
8) Zero: Circle of Flow chapter 2 – !zcf2
9) Nina JalHae 35 – !nj35
10) Doctor Du Ming 5 – !ddm5
11) Cafe Occult 13 – !cafe13
12) Saitama Chainsaw Girl 5 – !scg05

There are other series of course, REMEMBER, THE MORE YOU IDLE, THE MORE THE RELEASES. Have fun leeching.

Also, we still need editors and translators. We have however, stopped taking on trainee editors, those with a little experience are morethan welcome to try.

Comments would be good too.

An update…

Ok, so you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been rather quiet for the last 10 days, no releases, nothing. Well, that’s because of a little something that’s going to occur tomorrow, August 19th, at GMT 2:30 pm. Swing by our IRC Channel, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. ;)

See you there.


Chief Asshole, Viscans.

Otaku no Musume San chapter 25

We know, we know, we’re late. We planned on releasing chapters 25, 26 and 27 together, but well, staff shortage got the better of us.

Anyway, here’s chapter 25, the concluding chapter of volume 4. This chapter may seem a little cliche, but it’s all good.

Also, our anniversary is coming up, which means we’ll be putting out new projects, and need staff.

And if you’re interested in seeing bi-weekly releases of Otaku no Musume san, we need a translator and an editor.

Apply now. Enjoy the chapter =)

Saitama Chainsaw girl 4

Ok, Here we are with Chapter 4 of Saitama Chainsaw Girl. I always knew texans were weird… expect some amount of dark comedy in this chapter.

Also, we’re now short (read: completely out of) chinese translators, and this has impacted our Spas-PA releases. If you want to see them released at a quicker pace again, please consider applying.

And by extension from the above mentioned need of translators, we’re looking for some Japanese translators to get some interesting projects out there, so if you have the time, once again, consider applying.

Also Hiring Editors.

Enjoy the chapter.

PS: People using the IRC Channel page, you CANNOT download releases via webchat. Sorry =(

Go! Tenba Cheerleaders Chapter 14… woot…

Ok, Just so your friday isn’t wasted, here’s chapter 14 of go! tenba cheerleaders. Enjoy.

Umm…  I’ve run oput of things to comment on and I’m really hurting… thanks to a fucking blind car driver >_> so I’ll get right to it

We’re almost a year old, and we have big plans for our anniversay release and stuff, none of which will work out very well unless you guys apply and help us out a bit. We need chinese and mostly japanese translators, and editors. If you can help us out, please contact us at viscans@gmail.com, or use the IRC channel page.

Comments are welcome.


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