New Project (Again)

A lot of people had been asking us to finish this one, and after a lot of thinking, and some other stuff, we decided we might as well finish this. The new project is Ann Cassandra.

More Info: Info (Yes, this part is redundant)

Now, as always, we’re looking for editors and translators to help release some of our series’ faster. So, if you want to see your favorite viscans manga scanlated quicker, join up now.

Also, if anyone has the Japanese Raws for Spas-Pa Volume 5, I’d appreciate it if you could upload them and send the link to or drop by IRC and talk to LiquidFlux or Oren, or if I’m around (which is unlikely), me.

Major thanks to Guest typesetter Edward- for this chapter. (Read: we need an editor ;) )

Enjoy the chapter, and comments are always welcome.

New Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou

Here we are, with today’s release. Chapter 6 of Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou. Nothing much to say really, too sleepy and tired to think of anything.

So, anyway. We are still in a desperate need of translators and editors for various projects. If you think you can help and/or have a manga you’ve been wanting to see scanlated, this is your chance ;)

So, please do apply and enjoy the chapter.

Comments are welcome.

New Project Time (Tada?)

Ok, long story short, this is one of those new projects we said we’d be picking up after Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku Ended. ‘The Hour of The Mice’, An old kotonoha project, we thought we’d step in and finally release it, seeing as no one knows if kotonoha will ever revive.

Anyway, info on the new project: Info

On another note, we are in a DESPERATE need of EDITORS AND TRANSLATORS. Experience is not necessary and we’ll teach those who know the basics. So, please apply. It really helps a lot, and will help speed up your favorite Viscans series.

MF link:

And finally, Enjoy the chapter.

Comments are welcome.

New Hikari no Machi

Ok, and here’s the second chapter and first official chapter of Asano Inio’s Hikari no Machi. Personally, I’m proud of the way it turned out [+10 Ego points] and I hope ya’ll think the same too… or else.

Anyway, Viscans is still recruiting Translators and Editors to help us release some of our series’ a bit quicker. Namely, Mr. Fullswing, Otaku no Musume San, and a few new ones, so keep your eyes peeled for those. Experience is not a factor, we will teach those who know the basics, so feel free to apply.

Enjoy the chapter.

New Otaku no musume san

Here we are with today’s release. A new chapter of Otaku no Musume San. Yes, we’ve been a bit slow with it. But seriously, if you’re interested in seeing it come out bi-weekly again, apply as translators and editors.

And to those who find it hard to download from irc, blame lazygamer. Alternatively, you could apply to become an uploader.

Anyway, need recruits. Enjoy the chapter.

Comments ftw

New Pumpkin Scissors.

After… what… 3 months? here we are with a new chapter of Pumpkin Scissors. Now, you may have noticed a slump in our releases, and this will affect our other projects unless some of ytou decide to help out by being editors. Experience is not necessary. So, Apply!

Anyway, be on the lookout for more awesome projects, the quicker you apply, the quicker we can release >_> <_<

Right, so, Pumpkin Scissors. Last Chapter of Volume 2 ITS NOT, 2 MORE CHAPS to go. Enjoy.


Comments ftw.

Edit by ANo|NTeD(TiaNcAiz): Pulled back due to errors. v2 will be out soon.

New Spas Pa, Happy Birthday LazyGamer, etc.

Ok, lets roll out today’s release(s?) Chapter 22 of Spas-Pa. We need an editor for this, our old editor… well, he disappeared. We are willing to train those necessary to learn. So, please do apply.

Also, major thanks to Spectre for taking over and running the group while Satoshi was away cheating on his girlfriend

Also, fellow co-founder (and if you ask him, the ‘real’ founder of viscans), and THAT GUY of viscans, LazyGamer turned 20 yesterday, our lack of editors inhibited a birthday release, so here we are wishing him today instead.

And finally, the awesomeness that is I, have returned to kick ass and steal your car do stuff. So, apply and friggin’ help us release.

Enjoy your spas-pa.

G-School chapter 13.

Ok, release time once again folks, and today we have G-School chapter 13.

Always looking for recruits, please apply. Enjoy the release.

Until next time? :P

Go! Tenba cheerleaders Chapter 12

Something you hsould payatention to =P

Something you should pay attention to =P

Ok, here it is, chapter 12 of Go Tenba Cheerleaders, the last chapter of volume 2. Ok, so, the picture above… It says it all. Apply, thank you =)

Enjoy the release.

Nina JalHae Chapter 33

Like it says up there, we’re releasing chapter 33 of Nina JalHae. My first release as interim leader and what not… basically, I’m just someone who got promoted to group leader and was told to run the show for a while, and it’s all your fault.

Before you start thinking I’m a loon (if you haven’t done so already), let me break it down for you, if some of you had actually bothered trying to help Viscans out, they wouldn’t be in this state right now, and to those runners, seriously… wtf? If you never wanted to help, why did you bother applying?>_>

Now that that’s out of the way, to those of you who actually read this, see if you can help viscans out. We need Translators and Editors, especially editors. Experience isn’t required, but some amount of dedication is.

So, if you’re interested in giving something back to the community, Join up now. Enjoy the release.

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