New Spas-Pa!

Here’s today’s (other) release, chapter 18 of Spas-Pa, and with this, we finish Volume 3 of Spas-Pa. Major thanks to Kyoumaru for translating these and Bamboostyx for editing them.

We are still looking for Japanese/Chinese and Korean Translators for our series’

and editors as well, if you are interested, please apply =)

Comments are always welcome, Enjoy the release.

Blame LazyGamer for the lack of Links.

New Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou!

Here’s Chapter 2 of Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou, being ill prevents you from being able to think of anything else to say >_>so I’ll skip right ahead to the other important stuff:

We need Translators (Japanese/Chinese/Korean) and more editors to help us out with our projects. Please Apply, thanks.
Enjoy the release.

FIX time…

Ok, so apparently there’s this one missing line in Otaku no Musume San chapter 22, page 28, and because it’s pointless to release a V2 for one line… here’s the fix.

For those of you who’re having trouble getting on IRC, links will be up later today… seriously.


New Otaku No Musume-San!

Yes, here it is, chapter 22 of Otaku no Musume San, and our first solo release, for those of you who’re still i nthe dark, we had to go solo because Endless Abyss decided to call of the joint, but they decided to let us continue the project.

Anyway, this is your chance to make faster releases of Otaku no Musume San come out. How? By applying as a Japanese translator or editor.

Please apply if you’re dedicated, we’ve had people who send in emails asking to join but never bother to so much as email us back when we reply >_>

SO, anyway, enjoy the release, comments are always welcome =)

We loo kforward to your support. (Err this basically means we need you to apply)

New Code-EX!

New chapter of Code-EX

Need more editors and translators

We love comments

Links up shortly

Enjoy the release.

Gotta rush to school now =P

New Go! tenba cheerleaders!

We’re going to be releasing a few of our older projects now, and we’re starting off with a new chapter of Go! tenba cheerleaders, fresh off volume 2.

I’d go on and on, but I’m tired.

WE NEED YOUR HELP, korean/japanese/chinese translators and Editors!

We love comments!

Enjoy the release.

New Project time…

This is another one of those ‘on-the-back-burner’ projects, we seriously would have gotten down to this a long time ago, but well, staff shortage prevented that… mind you, we’re still short on translators and editors, unless we get some more, our releases will slow down =(

Anyway, the new project is Doctor Du Ming

More info on the project here

This is one hell of an awesome manhua, yes, it’s a genuine manhua, one of the reasons we picked it up ;)

Well, enjoy the release, and we love comments!

New Nina JalHae!

Ok, here we are with the last chapter of volume 6. Nina JalHae is turning out really nicely and I’m glad we have someone to work on it, props to SugarDonut. He’s awesome.

Also, we’ll be rolling out a little something new today, and like we’ve been saying…since forever… we need more editors and translators, including French Translators. SO please apply, it helps us a lot =)

Enjoy the release, we love comments!

Yes… I’ll do something abou the links <_< >_>

Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou Version 2

Ok, this is totally my fault, I decided to QC at 5:30 am against my better judgement and in doing so, I let quite a bit of errors pass through, heck, I even used the wrong psds for release, so it’s not all that surprising to find a bunch of angry staffers staring at me- erm anyway, Version 2.

The version is a higher quality release and we’ve taken steps to fix all the errors.  We apologize to our readers, rest assured, we’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again ;)

Here’s the link to the Version 2(Yes, we uploaded) Version 2

New Series! Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou

A little backstory, this was supposed to come out on halloween, last year. But well, the translator for this one ran away <_< >_> and we just decided to put it on the back burner, so finally, months later, here we are with it’s first chapter (YAY? We hope so)

So anyway, info on the project: Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoy releasing it.

Comments are welcome, we need editors and translators, so please feel free to apply =)

Enjoy the release!

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