New Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku!

Yes, another chapter of Moriguchi as well. :D

We also have more releases coming up, and the more you idle in our channel/apply as translators, the more motivated we’ll be to get them out faster. ;)

Release is on IRC. I’ll get someone to whip up the links in a few hours.

Enjoy the release and don’t forget to comment.

Edit: Looks like there were 2 missing pages in the release… I swear MoT is jinxed XD

Here’s the fix for all those who already downloaded it :

Sorry for the inconvenience ^^;

New Go! Tenba cheerleaders!

Yes, it’s finally here, after 2 weeks a new chapter of Go! Tenba Cheerleaders. If you want faster releases, apply as translators. =P

No, really, we need some more japanese–>english and korean—> english translators.

Anyway, release is on irc. We encourage you to idle there, that kinda encourages us to work harder on releasing more manga ;)

Enjoy the release and we love comments

New Cafe Occult

Chapter 8 of Cafe Occult is now out :D

We’re still looking for editors and translators.  You can also support us by idling in the channel or actually talking to us =P

Anyway, Enjoy the release and we love comments

Oh yeah, release is on IRC.

New G-School!

Yes, we’re trying to get back to our daily releases program, and it would sure help us if we had more translators. Seriously.

Anyway, A new chapter of G-School, it’s around 4:15 am now, I can’t think of anything else to say, so err Enjoy the release!

Release is on IRC

We love comments!

Here. Links.

Meow. Why am I always uploading?!?! >< Mediafire
Cafe Occult 06
Cafe Occult 07
G-School 07
Mr. Fullswing 39
Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku 10
Nina 22
Nina 23
Pumpkin Scissors 03

Cafe Occult 06
Cafe Occult 07
G-School 07
Mr. Fullswing 39
Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku 10
Nina 22
Nina 23
Pumpkin Scissors 03


A New chapter of Otaku No Musume-San!

Well,  yeah, we did miss yesterday’s release but then again, that’s only natural when you’re low on translators. So, anybody with a good enough understanding of Japanese or Korean, we need you!

Yes, we know, links haven’t been put up. We’re working on those as of now, apply as bot uploaders then, it’ll make sure the links come out quicker :D

Also, props to the guys over at endless-abyss, drop by their channel #e-a and thank them if you’re ever down in IRC.

Enjoy the release and we love comments!

New Pumpkin Scissors!

Yeah, here’s today’s release, Chapter 3 of Pumpkin Scissors :D
We need more translators for quicker releases of your favorite series’, korean and Japanese translators, especially.
Well, it’s way too late for me to think of anything else to say, I need sleep, so…


A New Chapter of Nina JalHae!

Here we have yet another release for you guys, I have school in less than 6 hours, why am I still up? To cut a long answer short, I’m being made to work after my return to Viscans. <_< >_>

Also, If you’re interested in Faster releases of the following mangas:

1) Go! Tenba Cheerleaders

2) Nina JalHae

3) Mr. Fullswing

4) Otaku no Musume san

We’ll need more recruits. Especially translators. We encourage all those interested to apply.

Enjoy the release, and yes we have more coming up.

Don’t forget to comment

New Mr. Fullswing

Like I said in my previous post, here’s another release for you guys. Mr. Fullswing chapter 39. Also, we seriously need some help on this manga, we’re looking for QCers, Translators(especially) and Editors. If you’re interested in seeing quicker releases of Mr. Fullswing, we encourage you to apply at

Enjoy the release and don’t forget to comment.

Links: In a while

A New Chapter of Cafe Occult

Yes, It’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted and worked on a Viscans project. But, enough of that for now. We have a New chapter of Cafe Occult here for you and there’ll be yet another release on the way today.

We’re still looking for Translators and Editors to help us bring out more chapters quicker. We encourage all those interested to apply.

The release will stay on IRC for now. Links will be added later, also, I’ve noticed the links for the previous recent releases haven’t been added, I’ll get someone to do that as well.

Enjoy the release and don’t forget to comment

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