Links for Batch Release

It’s my first post! I shall provide you guys with awesome links :).

Nina Jalhae 05
Nina Jalhae 06
Nina Jalhae 17
Code-Ex 06
G-School 03
Cafe Occult 02
Otaku no Musume-san 18
Era of Death 3
Major Volume 2 Chapter 6

Nina Jalhae 05
Nina Jalhae 06
Nina Jalhae 17
Code-Ex 06
G-School 03
Cafe Occult 02
Otaku no Musume-san 18
Era of Death 3
Major Volume 2 Chapter 6

And as we have been saying. MOAR RECRUITS!! :D. Come help us! =).

Download links

Why create a new post just for two download links you ask? Well, it’s because I am lazy and I wanted somewhere to rant about how Oren failed in his QC for Code – Ex 5 (the guy had the raws and can read Japanese for crying out loud) and how I shall do my best to have a version 2 released. While I’m at it, I shall also try to have a v2 of Pumpkin Scissors 1 released, but as Ilesyt is opposed to fixing it and is too lazy to send me the PSD’s, I doubt I will suceed. Anyways, I took up too much of your time so here are the links:

Code – Ex 5
Nina Jalhae 4

Code-Ex Chapter 5

It’s release time yet again. I know…we lost the whole ‘a-release-everyday’ thing, but we’re working on it, new staff would definitely help :D

Anyway, another chapter of  code-Ex for everyone. With this chapter, we’re just one chapter away from completing half the series :D


Download from  IRC or MF

Don’t forget to comment :D

Code-Ex and Moriguchi orito no Teiougaku

Yes…we’re back

These two should have hit the internet yesterday, but thanks to my isp…they didn’t.

ANyway, I’m running out of time here,  so I’ll keep this short

Releases are on irc, don’t forget to comment, we’re looking for recruits to release stuff faster.

We encourage you to apply if you feel you can be of any help to us. Enjoy the release.

Mediafire links:
Code-Ex 4
Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku 6

Download links

We’ve been releasinmg at such a high frequency these days that it’s almost impossible for me to upload them and link you guys at the same time, not to mention editing the previous posts. So I’ll just put up the links here

1) Code-EX chapter 3

2) Ordinary plus minus

3) G-School chapter 2

4) Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku chapter 5

G-School chapter 2

Another release folks :D

A new chapter of G-school, one of our relatively new series, a pretty funny manhwa actually.  You know how it goes, releases on irc until I finally upload the latest bunch of releases to mediafire.

Yes, I’m being a little lazy. :D

Also, unless we get another redrawer, our Mr.Fullswing releases will slow down -again-, now you don’t want that to happen, do you? so Apply apply and apply :D

IRC channel

Mediafire(nothing yet)

Don’t forget to comment

Mr. Fullswing chapter 37

As part of our new regulated system of releasing chapters, we at VIscans present Mr. Fullswing chapter 37. =]

We would have brought out another chapter of G-School, but staff shortages prevented that =\

Anyway, This release will stay on IRC for the time being, I wouldn’t expect the link for another day if  I were you, seeing as we still haven’t posted the links for MoT 5 and Nina JalHae chapter 3(see previous post).


Enjoy the release and don’ forget to comment :D

New Moriguchi Orito + Nina JalHae

Yes, we’re still releasing regularly, sometimes it amazes even me. More staff would help us bring out chapters at an even faster rate, this refers to Otaku no Musume san, Mr. Fullswing, just to name a few.

Anyway, 2 new chapters out at the moment, and more on the way, yes, TODAY.


1) Moriguchi Orito no Teiougaku chapter 5

2) Nina Jalhae chapter 3

As always, the releases will stay on irc, till one of us stops being lazy and decides to spend a couple of minutes staring at the mediafire upload page.

So, grab the release at our irc channel.


As always, flame Ilesyt when you get there, If you do a really good job, I’ll halfop you :D

Ordinary Plus Minus chapter 3

Told ya we’re trying to stay on top :P

Yes, I know, it’s been three months since we released it, if you really want to blame anyone, blame our sense of procrastination…and the fact that we didn’t have a lot of staff,  anyway, Here’s more ordinary plus minus for you guys.

Credits go out to Tsunande for cleaning it and the people at Franky-House for doing the rest.

Release is on IRC

note: there are MU and RS links on the F-H forum

We love comments :D

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! [Viscans Trial release]

Yes, we’re trying to stay on top of our game here, more pimps, pushers, thugs and guns and dru- erm enough about the hood. Returning to the topic at hand, Viscans has decided to pick up Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn!, but notice the [Viscans Trial release] up there? Basically, we’re going to release this one chapter of hitman and see how it turns out, the factors that will determine whether or not we’re going to continue with this project or not…are you guys, the leechers.

Feel free to express your views, either for or against VIscans picking this project up, in the comments and/or in IRC.

Enjoy the release.

You know how it goes, Flame Ilesyt on the channel ==> WIN! >_> <_<

Links will be up shortly

….YEAH, RIGHT!   Mediafire link

PS: We need more gang members err recruits, regardless of how this trial run turns out :D

Get it on IRC :D

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