Ok, You know what my previous post says about the other web comics of OnMs? Well, guess what, we have good news and bad news on that front, the good news is, we found the rest. The bad news is, they’re covered in the upcoming chapters. According to Doraneko, The webcomics don’t really differ fro mthe chapters, save for some elaborate dialouge. So, It’s 9:10 that we won’t be scanlating the other webcomics.

Also, keeping up with our trend of bringing out something new when we get the chance, We – once again – have something new on the back burner. Why isn’t it out yet, you may ask, The answer is quite simple, we lack the required number of Typesetters and Translators to be able to bring out the new series simultaneously with our regular ones.

On that note, we’re still looking for Typesetters, Chinese/Japanese/Korean to English translators for the new releases. We encourage all those who’re interested to apply at viscans@gmail.com or at our irc channel.

That’s it for now, I’m too sleepy to remember anything else :P