Well, it has been 5 hours since the mass release started, and we decided it’s time we put up the links for the releases. We’re still short of recruits though, the sooner we get some Typesetters and Korean/Japanese/Chinese to English translators, the faster we can release. We encourage all those interested to apply at viscans@gmail.com, the ‘Join us’ page of the website should answer most of your questions. Anyway, LINKS!
1. Otaku no Musume San ch 16
2. Mr.Fullswing ch 36
3. Era of Death ch 2
4. Zokusei ch 5
5. G-school ch 1 [NEW]
6. Ni Na Jal Hae ch 1 [NEW]
7. Code-EX extra
8. Moriguchi Orito no Teiagku ch 4
9. Pumpkin Scissors ch 1 [NEW]