Code-Ex chapter 3

You read that right, and it’s only been a day since our last release :D

More Code-Ex 3 for everyone, I’d also like to point out that with this release, we’re halfway through the first volume of code-ex.

Credits go out to our recently super efficient staff and recruits for making this release possible.

Which goes to prove once again that, more recruits = faster releases. The release will stay on our irc channel, until someone decides to stop being lazy and upload it on mediafire.

Don’t forget to comment :D

Nero, you suck more -_-

No seriously, everyone blame him!

He failed with uploading CE3, will be reuploaded when he comes back.


Nina JalHae chapter 2…yes, seriously

I know I know…we released in the space of 2 days, It’s shocking, yes, but I think we’re about to regulate our release frequency from now on. :D

Anyway, new chapter of  Nina Jalhae, one of my favorites, I thank myself for picking it >:D oh and the guys who work on them too, gg all.

The release will stay on irc for sometime, we’ll eventually add the links here, but knowing us, that could happen sometime next week. So, grab it from our irc channel

Enjoy the release, and don’t forget to comment, we enjoy hearing from everyone.

Ilesyt sucks, make sure you flame him:D

The only one who sucks here’s Nero


Edit: I’ve put up the mediafire link, you can download it from here.

The Latest from VI-Central

Ok, You know what my previous post says about the other web comics of OnMs? Well, guess what, we have good news and bad news on that front, the good news is, we found the rest. The bad news is, they’re covered in the upcoming chapters. According to Doraneko, The webcomics don’t really differ fro mthe chapters, save for some elaborate dialouge. So, It’s 9:10 that we won’t be scanlating the other webcomics.

Also, keeping up with our trend of bringing out something new when we get the chance, We – once again – have something new on the back burner. Why isn’t it out yet, you may ask, The answer is quite simple, we lack the required number of Typesetters and Translators to be able to bring out the new series simultaneously with our regular ones.

On that note, we’re still looking for Typesetters, Chinese/Japanese/Korean to English translators for the new releases. We encourage all those who’re interested to apply at or at our irc channel.

That’s it for now, I’m too sleepy to remember anything else :P

Otaku no Musume San…Special chapter?

Yeah, you read that right, from what we found out, OnMs’s mangaka started the series as a webcomic of sorts before eventually landing a platform where he could publish OnMs. There are other such webcomics, but we’re more or less certain that they were included in the upcoming volumes, and if they’re not, well, we’ll just scan them for ya :D

Anyway, the release can be found on our irc channel

Or, you could download it here

Enjoy the release, don’t forget to comment/head out to the channel ;D


Well, it has been 5 hours since the mass release started, and we decided it’s time we put up the links for the releases. We’re still short of recruits though, the sooner we get some Typesetters and Korean/Japanese/Chinese to English translators, the faster we can release. We encourage all those interested to apply at, the ‘Join us’ page of the website should answer most of your questions. Anyway, LINKS!
1. Otaku no Musume San ch 16
2. Mr.Fullswing ch 36
3. Era of Death ch 2
4. Zokusei ch 5
5. G-school ch 1 [NEW]
6. Ni Na Jal Hae ch 1 [NEW]
7. Code-EX extra
8. Moriguchi Orito no Teiagku ch 4
9. Pumpkin Scissors ch 1 [NEW]


Viscans Mass Release

Yeah…we’ve gotten into the habit of batch releasing. that aside, we’ve got 9 new releases lined up for your pleasure XD. We’re also including some of our new series’ in the batch release. All releases can be downloaded from our channel.
The releases are:
1. Otaku no Musume San ch 16
2. Mr.Fullswing ch 36
3. Era of Death ch 2
4. Zokusei ch 5
5. G-school ch 1 [NEW]
6. Ni Na Jal Hae ch 1 [NEW]
7. Code-EX extra
8. Moriguchi Orito no Teiagku ch 4
9. Pumpkin Scissors ch 1 [NEW]


Alright, I’ve managed to do alot! Yes all downloads are up through our Project section. CHECK IT OUT!
So.. anyways… what’s next? Maybe a forum? I highly doubt it though.

Sorry. Should I be?

Due to recently my bad connections and some other situations, I’ve decided to move the site to here for the time being. If you have a problem, You can reach me at IRC and pm me. I probably won’t care though if you do though. But hey, I’m sorry?

Anywho, We are looking for extra TL’s (translators), preferably  JP to get a roll on with some our projects which are on a stall at the moment. But others are welcome :)


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