Sing Yesterday for Me chapters 74-75

Ok, forget the title I mentioned in the previous release because the purpose for it wasn’t even mentioned in these chapters. Oh well. Remember, we’re on the Rizon network now. Same channel name!
Triggers are !syfm74 & !syfm75

I wanted to release the next chapter of Amagi Brilliant Park as well, but there are some issues. Hopefully they’ll be sorted before the weekend ends.

Minami-ke 144 & Yawara! 86

There’s still some work left, come help us out.

Triggers: !mk144, !yawara86

Remember we are on the Rizon network now.

We are looking for a capable translator for Again!! If you enjoy the series and want to help spread the joy, please apply.

Hundred 10, Levi 6 & 7 and Engine 9.5

News about plans for trinity 7 will be detailed later this week (tomorrow or Friday)

Triggers: !hundred 10, !levi 6, !levi7 and !engine9.5 @

If you are interested in joining the group, just look at the side bar for some of the few series we have open >

Absolute Duo chp 10 & 11 + Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara chp 22!

Well, here are the next chapters to these 2 series. Duo doesn’t have a chapter again this month (looks like it’s becoming like a bi-monthly because of the mangaka missing deadlines judging from what happened in the earlier chapters…) so it’s up to date :D I’ll also try to release another Flag chapter sooner than I have been, so please hold tight!

The triggers are !duo10 !duo11 and !flag22 #viscans on Rizon

Please consider joining and helping us release manga faster! Our vacancies are shown over there ->

Ichiban 42-43, Maoyuu 14, and Minami-ke 143

So I took a few days off for vacation and when I came back I suddenly had all this work. I really want to thank Psi for all his help on Maoyuu, he really put a lot of effort in it that not many will appreciate, but I do.
Triggers: !ichi42, !ichi43, !maoyuu14, !mk143.

Remember if you wish to download these files visit us on the Rizon network.

Also Again!! needs a translator, ’cause it’s stalled.

Masurawo chapter 15

If you haven’t heard, we’ve moved to Rizon. Same channel name: #viscans. Read the post below if you’re curious as to why.

So, this chapter took awhile. Proofreader has stuff going on and so does the cleaner, but wethey did it! It’s also the end of volume 3. I can’t remember if there are 5 chapters left or 6, but regardless this series is close to being complete.
Trigger is !masurawo15 on Rizon. See you there!

We are Moving! + Cavalier of the Abyss 94

We are moving! For followers of VI, we are happy/sad (depending on which you prefer) to say that Village Idiot Scans is now moving to!

Channel: #viscans (no change)

The old #viscans on highway will still be around for some time, but we are moving our main DL bot over, so you’ll to catch our latest releases on rizon, sorry for the trouble!

One of the main reasons for this move is due to our bot having issues reconnecting on highway after being disconnected for whatever reasons (I’m not the tech specialist!) and that rizon would be better. Personally I see no problems since most irc-users are present on both rizon and highway as the┬ámost fansub groups (and LN groups) are on rizon and scanlation groups on highway.


On top of the news about our move, here’s cota 94 for those who read it, and as usual thanks to the following staff for working on it:

Staff: likcoras, Blackheart, Zeroaintdead, Kristjan, Azuma

trigger: !cota94

some of the staff nicks may change due to nicks being taken on rizon, but we’ll work them out over time.

Rising 25 and Magika 11

Urgent News:

Few days ago, the translator of Trinity 7 dropped the series and we are now looking for a new translator interested in doing the series with us. If you or someone you know wants to help, please do apply. It’s not limited to Trinity 7 only, do check out sidebar to see which series and positions are available!


Trigger: !rising25 and !magika11

Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabukome wa Machigatte Iru Chapter 6

Another release today (wow 2 days in a row it’s been a while for me). The trigger is !oregairu6.

Staff: Taly, Negimaru, Cybykillers, Fercik, Sora and KB1011

This series needs a cleaner, if you can help please apply.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Chapter 41

Sorry for the delay, we need a cleaner for this series. The trigger is !ichi41.

Staff: Chonny, Wil, Zeroaintdead, Nodnarb, Laika.

We need staff please apply.

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